My Windows Mobile does not sound alarms / my Windows Mobile alerts whenever it want to alert

31 בינואר 2008

Many of Windows Mobile users are suffering from different problems, related to clocks, alarms and reminders. This problem exists almost in all Windows Mobile systems (Windows Mobile 2003, WM5, WM6, etc).  Why this happens and how to take care on it? There root of this problem is something called "Notification Queue". The main propose of it is to run tasks and activate alarms and reminders at scheduled times, particularly when the device is in standby or low power mode.  There...
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Microsoft almost never paying their presenters, so why we're coming?

29 בינואר 2008

In most cases, presenters, participate in TechEd, DevAcademy, open houses or other public sessions, arranged by Microsoft, are not get paid. However, we're still coming and presenting. Preparation of even small session takes at least a couple of days and costs us a lot of money, but we're still coming and presenting. Why? The answer is not simple. So, in order to make it clearer to me, I created decision chart, that helps me to answer "yes" or "no"...

Printing more then one page, creation in memory XPS document and DocumentViewer customization

Today, we'll answer number of questions, regarding DocumentViewer, XPSDocument, FlowDocument and more First question: I'm trying to display FlowDocument, by using DocumentViewer and I'm getting "FlowDocument' object cannot be added to 'DocumentViewer'. DocumentViewer supports only FixedDocument or FixedDocumentSequence documents". What to do? First answer: DocumentViewer supports only fixed document source (one, which implements IDocumentPaginatorSource - other words supports pagination). In order to do it, we have to convert FlowDocument into FixedDocument and we can do it, by using XpsDocument and it's GetFixedDocumentSequence() method...
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Weird bug in Windows Vista

28 בינואר 2008

Well, there are some (ghm) bugs in Windows Vista. Most of those bugs are not harmful for your system, however there are some, that ready are. Here the little bug, I experienced today. Follow those steps to repro (don't do it on files you need) Select multiple files Right click on those files and choose rename and change the name of one of those files Hit enter Expected result: all selected files renamed (name (0),name (1), name (2) etc) Actual result: all selected files renamed (name...
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RTFM – Not only software needs manual, kids need it too – How to care your child (visual instructions)

25 בינואר 2008

For all my friends, become fathers and mothers within last couple of months. Please, read it before using your kids! All images are from Safe Baby Handling Tips (more fun stuff inside) by Running Press Books. Author's website There are more images here, we just waiting for author's authorization to publish it.
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Stop subclassing and using Helpers – start Extension Methods

How many classes, named Helper, you have on your hard disk? I counted, and I have 320. What is "Helper"? Helper - is static class, that consists of static methods, that provide simple services to your program. Good examples for such methods are public static string FormatTime(TimeSpan time)         {             return time.Hours.ToString("00") + ":" + time.Minutes.ToString("00") + ":" + time.Seconds.ToString("00");         }...
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SVG vs. Silverlight head-to-head fight

24 בינואר 2008

Adobe stops supporting SVG next year, thus there are some SVG consumers are looking for the replacement of this technology, by other, that will be supported. The only technology, can actually replace SVG is Silverlight. Yes, Flex, too, but it's too complicated to perform transitions. Today, we'll look into those two technologies and try to understand how to perform migration easily. Let's start from SVG (Adobe SVG 3.x) vs SL (Silverlight 1.0) syntax SVG <!DOCTYPE svg...
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Some Gold Partners ARE respecting copyrighted materials

6 hours after my last post about the imaginary used by Microsoft Gold Partner, I got a phone call from one of it's representatives, who proves me, that the image, used in the promo is bought from Image Bank. They did a couple of changes, however, that is not me! I was wrong!  Following the original image, purchased by the partner (low resolution - this is copyrighted imaginary)   I want to apologize for my doubts in honesty...

Why some of Gold Partners do not respect copyrighted materials?

Two days ago, the friend of mine, sent me the invitation he got from one of Microsoft Gold Partners in learning field here in Israel. This invitation was to attend Silverlight course of one day. Pretty good, however I was shocked by the graphic material, they used to promote it. It seemed to be my picture from DevAcademy II. I do not teach this course and I even did not know, that it exists, however they, probably, used the copyrighted imaginary...