How to disable Exchange Security Policy for Windows Mobile Devices

28 בדצמבר 2007

Direct Push pushes email into your Windows Mobile device and it's good. However it pushes you security policy as well, that sometimes make you unable to set password that you want and sometimes, lock your device after one minute of inactivity. How to disable this useful feature? How to cancel autolock feature of your WM machine, connected to Microsoft Exchange server? As everything in WM, you should patch registry, but what to patch? Well, it's simple ...
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Learning marathon – December 23-29

21 בדצמבר 2007

Do you want to know WPF, Silverlight or it's architecture or appliance and you are in Israel next week? If so, please keep reading. Next week (Dec 23-29) it's going to be a lot of workshops, courses and other learning attractions, related to those technologies. 24-Dec - Architects user's group "Architects Forum Meeting - User Experience - Architecture and Technologies Dillemas" in Microsoft Israel (2, haPnina str, Ra'anana). The place to discuss with me + light...
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Changes of ZIP codes in Israel is for large amount of mails – don't worry

19 בדצמבר 2007

Ohad wrote about changes in ZIP codes in Israel from 5 to 7 digits. I checked this issue with Israel Postal authority and it's valid for only large amounts of postage (more, then 3000 items a time). More, then this, old 5 digit zips will also work, however, client, using old zips will not receive any discount. So, don't worry and prepare yourself for large new projects within your large clients :)
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Anonymous types sharing or why it's still sucks?

Did you try to cast anonymous types (vars)? You are. However, you never was able to pass var from one method to another. Why is it? Cos, anonymous type got known in context of current method only. Well, we always can cast one anonymous type into other. How? By using Extension methods. Let's make small repro. In one method, you have following structure var myVar = new {                new {Name =...
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Tafiti goes open source (well, actually, shared source under MS-PL)

All those, how want to implement data visualization in Silverlight (as Tafiti does), can look into this CodePlex project and use it for your own. Notice, you can download, modify and, even, resell this code, due to fact, that it's under MS-PL shared source licence. Well done, Live team.
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Messed with Silverlight video player skin, generated by encoder? See how to customize it

18 בדצמבר 2007

Have you ever try to create your own video player skin, by customizing one, generated by Microsoft Expression Media? If you not really familiar with Silverlight development, it's rather hard to do. Microsoft recognizes it and recently released special document about Silverlight Media Player skin customization. It's very useful for you, if you do not want to begin learn Silverlight internal, however, you want to create your own player skin fast. Here it is (direct link). You'll need BasePlayer.js debug version...
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WPF for developers from Dev. Academy 2 – recordings

17 בדצמבר 2007

If you was unable to attend Developers Academy 2 and still want to see sessions there, you are more, then welcome to do it. Here link to the recording of my session. And here is the presentation. The quality of the recording is awful, as well as whole hosting site quality. It seemed like "Gisha Hadasha" has no QA and particle employed student to make sites. However, if you still want to see the screencasts of the sessions, go there. ...
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How to see Hebrew in Windows Mobile device (baltic)

Official answer - you can not. Unofficial - take tahoma and tahoma bold from your computer (in /Windows/Fonts) and put it into Windows/Fonts directory of your WM6  device. You'll see hebrew in most of applications. However, it will be הכופה תירבע. So, who tell, that Haaretz are old fashioned because they are still using  Hebrew-Logical? Better, then nothing. If you want full Hebrew support, you should buy localization for WM6 (this one for example). ...
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Flickering in WPF ItemsControl? No way!

12 בדצמבר 2007

Remember WinForms GDI+ days, when we have to enable DoubleBuffering to prevent flickering of fast changing elements in the application screen? Do you think, that we already after it with WPF? Not exactly. Today, I'll explain how you can force 100% hardware rendered stuff to flicker in your WPF application and how to prevent it. Let's start. I want to draw fast large amount of primitives in the screen. Let's say Rectangles. My source is underlying collection of Rect and I have...
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