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26 בנובמבר 2007

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Less, then 24 hours until Developer Academy 2 a lot of pressure and stress. Last fixes to my presentation – it's too long now. A lot of stuff, I want to speak about, a lot of demos (mostly very bad performing applications, I'm dealing with), three computers (one is really cool with 8.9 Vista score) and, of cause, a lot of code to write. But I have only 75 minutes to do it all. So, I have to think a lot about how to do it all together with such tight timeframe (do you remember? – 9:30)

What I'll speak about? I'll speak about cool luxury cars, really.

  • First of all, the most common problem, WPF developers faced with – performance. No, WPF scales it, but you should know how to do it smart way.

  • Next, practices. Yes, there are practices and it's worth to learn wisdom by the follies of others. So, I'll speak about those follies.

  • Why sometimes, pixel is matter, and sometimes it is not?

  • What two threads, you are working with? Are there really two? Where the application problems are lying?

  • What is tier? How to measure it? How to know when I'm working with GPU and when with CPU? How to influence it?

  • How much memory (either computer and graphic card) I need?

  • What's the greatest evil of your WPF application (that is not your customer)?

  • How to scale very large bitmaps or very large amount of controls?

  • How to easily make data virtualization by your own hands?

  • How to create your own UI threads? Yes – you can do it!

  • How to make your ListBox x70 times smaller and faster, your data x20 smaller and x700 faster

  • How manage layout and measurement engines

  • How to do things in background without paying application fees

  • How to manage dispatchers

  • How to use visual and data performance measurement tools and how to analyze and profile unmanaged resources

  • How to make your application starts x400 faster and load resources on demand

  • How to load XAML without loading System.Xml.dll and using DOM or SAX

  • How to run the same WPF application on P3 with 128MB RAM and internal graphic card and Core Duo 2 with 4GB RAM and GeForce 880 GTX and get the same behavior of fast running application

  • …and much much more…

Waiting for you tomorrow at 9:30 AM (this is almost night, kind of morning) at Arbel hall of Avenue at Airport City near Ben Gurion airport. Come an hour before.


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