WPF perf sessions is over and results are coming. What's new (in performance case) in .NET 3.5 and 3.0 SP1

11 באוקטובר 2007

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After WPF performance sessions is over, one of WPF performance PMs, Josef Goldberg discovered in his blog about what are good news, will come with WPF (3.5 and 3.0/SP1). Here come the list:

  • Animation smoothing improvements (finally, it'll use DWM engines)
  • Layered Windows Improvements – fix was released about three months ago. This one will be included as well in SP1
  • Data Binding improvements – XMLDataSource will work faster
  • Coldstart time (hmmm, sounds strange, due to fact, that delays mostly come from CLR, not from WPF. But who knows)
  • Workset – less (or more???) space for future possibilities?
  • Software rendering improvements. We'll finally be able to do it manually.
  • Battery life improvements – well, not sounds good 🙂

But the real good news, that we where sounded. And this is the real value of this event.

Tnx, Yossi 🙂

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