Is it Dell in Israel or x5 prices of Dell accessories

30 באוקטובר 2007

Those, who remember my posts about Dell Israel, probably know what I'm going to talk about. How much costs Dell Latitude D820 keyboard (part number: UC172) in Israel? Well, shipping, handling, etc... Let's say another 20$ (it's almost twice). So, $13.59 + $20 = $33.59. Well, they should be profitable, so another 10% = $1.36. You know what, 25% = $3.4. OK, ok, this is little money, so $40. I just received the proposal...
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Silverlight installation experience

You are, probably, know who looks Silverlight installation. Logo calls for download -> another page -> EULA -> another page -> download file -> another page -> look for the file, just downloaded -> run it -> close and reopen everything to be sure, that Sivlerlight runtime was installed. The same way for other browser type (in case, you have some). This was the only avaliable way to install Silverlight... until today. See this installation experience guide, that illustrates direct (recommended) and indirect...
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How to turn off autorecovery feature of Microsoft Office

29 באוקטובר 2007

Autorecovery is greate feature of Microsoft Office. I my memory is ok, it was introduces in Office 2003. That's great, but it might drive you (and your client) crazy, when you are using any of MS Office applications inside your own application (e.g. showing Word or PowerPoint document inside WinForms. Any "unsafe" dispose of ActiveDocument object forces Office to pop up following message How to turn it off? Just go to Tools->Options->Save and check Disable AutoRecovery checkbox. If you want to do...
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Autocomplete textbox in WPF (well, almost)

Autocomplete textbox is missing control in WPF 3.0 and WPF 3.5. Is it true? Actually, WPF is very extensible language, thus it is almost work nothing to build user control, derrived from TextBox to achive autocomplete functionality. But are we really have to do it? Let's try to understand which control can provide us with similar functionality. I'm beting on ComboBox. <ComboBox> <TextBlock>Hello</TextBlock> <TextBlock>World</TextBlock> <TextBlock>This</TextBlock> <TextBlock>is</TextBlock> <TextBlock>Autocomplete</TextBlock> <TextBlock>Textbox</TextBlock></ComboBox> Now we have to make the combobox editable. So, let's set IsEditable property to True. Ok, I can write, but can...
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Call for action: Command and Control by using Microsoft technology

28 באוקטובר 2007

This is an invitation to attend at the event, arranged by Microsoft Israel and mPrest systems about building Homeland security, C&C and other military systems, by using latest Microsoft technologies. The event will take part at 26-Dec (8:30AM - 1:30PM) at Microsoft Israel building in Ra'anana. Agenda: C&C Windows and Web client development by using WPF and Silverlight - Myself State-of-Art C&C server (mCore) and generic client development - Eli Arlazoroff WCF + Virtual Earth for mission data visualization - Lior Rozner If you are in...
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RTL support for Silverlight – community sneak preview

About three months ago, I blogged about work-around solution to display right-to-left text in Silverlight. A bit after, Microsoft MVP Justin-Josef Angel begun to work on real solution. And today it's ready. I checked a code, posted on Microsoft development community site CodePlex and found it very nice and useful. So, if you have a problem with Hebrew, Arabic or any other RTL language in Silverlight. Use it (you can try it or see webcast as well), before manufacture's  solution will...
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Windows Live Gallery wave 2 update (commercial)

26 באוקטובר 2007

Cool new update come today to Windows Live Gallery. Now you, as developers can sell your gadgets and as customers to buy them. Money tree? Not exactly. Purchasing or selling might be done by using Microsoft Points (those of XBox). Cool feature, that, probably, will increase the amount of available gadgets, by motivating developers to build and sell them. Meanwhile all my gadgets are fee :)
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Clipboard SetData / GetData troubles with VPC and TS

24 באוקטובר 2007

This one of those posts you can categorize is WTF (see me WPF presentation to know what is it) it is not working. However, you, probably will face with the problem now or after. Symptoms: You are trying to set and get clipboard data from Virtual PC or remote computer by using Terminal Services and nothing happens. When you are using .NET, you're getting Unhandled exception. If you'll dig deeper, you'll find 0x800401D0 (CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN) exception. Reason: Passing data...
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Merge your Live accounts

23 באוקטובר 2007

New huge feature was added to wave 2 of Windows.Live - merging of Live accounts. Just go to this page and merge all of them. From now, you can use all Live products by choosing proper account from upper right corner, rather then relogin with other credentials. via LifeSide
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