Never ever close me – how to disable close button in WPF

26 בספטמבר 2007

Well, there is no such option in WPF. The only thing you can do is to go a bit down to unmanaged and hook WM messages to apply your own style to the system menu. How to do it?  First of all, we have to know to to hook system events in WPF. For such action, we have HwndSource. I wrote a bit about it here and here, so it's the simple one. protected override void OnSourceInitialized(EventArgs e) ...
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WPF Performance Labs

25 בספטמבר 2007

Ok, second day of WPF adaptation labs with SAP at Redmond. We met some of core WPF developers, such as Bea Costa,  Dwayne Need, Atanas Koralski, William Han and counting. It's great opportunity to speak and ask owners of what we are working with. If you have performance oriented questions in WPF, next two days is the time to ask them. So, what are you waiting for? Use comments!
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How to invoke client side JavaScript from Silverlight object

18 בספטמבר 2007

Yesterday, I got a question from one of my clients' about how invoke javascript on client side HTML page from inside Silverlight object. It's easy to access hosting HTML document DOM model from Silverlight, as well as you can access text of Javascript there, but you can not invoke it. The only way is to interpret it and then do something with it. No way - I told, and begun to investigate the field. The first thing, I found is...
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Drag and Drop between Silverlight and HTML + Placing HTML control into Silverlight page

Silverlight is great new technology. It makes us possible to get access to almost all hosting HTML, including it's scripts, and behaviors. Today, we'll speak about how to create Drag-n-Drop between HTML page and Silverlight control. Here the result So, let's start. First of all we have to create Silverlight control. Next, two HTML div elements with regular HTML Drag-and-drop capabilities. You can find a lot of such scripts in internet. I used my own. Then connect everything and run. You'll...
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Blend 2 September preview is available for download

15 בספטמבר 2007

Good present for Ramadan, new refreshment of Blend 2 - September preview is up and ready for your downloads. New features: VS2008 beta 2 full support Creation of Controls from existing objects - reuse them all. Some enhancements with Split View - now you can see Design and Code both as well as you can do it in Visual Studio Storyboard picker - the old Storyboard panel has...
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איך לעשות קניות בחגים – וידאו

12 בספטמבר 2007

סרטון משנת 1967 יסביר לכם איך לעשות קניות בחגים בצורה נכונה. אישה מביטה בעין אחת במסכים בכדי לקנות משהו מיותר, בעין השניה שלה צופה בילדים שחקים בבית. בו זמנית בעלה אוכף אחרי החשבונות והוצאות ממשרדו תוך השוות ההוצאות המיותרות ליתרה בחשבון הבנק שלו. אמת ויציב.
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Find similar images on your computer with Duplicate Images Finder (alpha)

11 בספטמבר 2007

I wrote a lot of image (and not only image) processing algorithms. Most of them were for military proposes. Almost all of them are not secret, so why not to use war technologies for peace manners? Sitting one of those long evenings, I wrote a simple application, that seeks for similar (not by name of cause) images in your hard disk and make you able to delete them. I will not explain the search algorithm here, but post the application for...
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How to use ImageSource (no handler) in WinForms as System.Drawing.Bitmap (hbitmap)

9 בספטמבר 2007

How to easily convert WinForms System.Drawing.Bitmap into WPF ImageSource you learned from this article. Today, I'll explain how to do it contrary. Actually, all he have to do is to extract handler from BitmapSource, however, such approach is not supported, thus the only thing we can do is just copy pixels of BitmapSource (or BitmapFrame) into byte array and then copy them into the pointer of HBitmap. Here the code public static System.Drawing.Bitmap BitmapSourceToBitmap(BitmapSource srs) ...
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Petzold's book with personal dedication has been arrived

7 בספטמבר 2007

Today in local post office, I receive a package with book inside it. It was "3D programming for Windows" of Charles Petzold. About two months ago, he promised to send first complimentary copies of his new book with personal dedication to WPF bloggers, and he did it. I'm treating it as a present for Rosh HaShanah and admit him for such great present. This book  is great as well as his first WPF book "Application = Code + Markup". Well,...
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