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29 באוגוסט 2007

30 תגובות

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A lot of people ask me about how to measure power charging or discharging rate. How to know the quality of your battery and power needs of operating system. How to be sure, that Vista Battery Saver really helps to prolong your battery life and detect exactly how it prolongs it. Two evenings and I wrote small utility, that helps you to know exactly what happens with your laptop battery and helps me to understand what to fix and what to add to VBS to make it better.


All you need to do, is to download Battery Tracker, run it, and after some time of tracing hit Stop Tracking link. It asks you to save traces. Write work conditions or any other useful information and then press Save button then, hitting Submit link, send it to me via email. If you want me to know any particular event, write it into text area. By pressing Add link you'll save in into current trace.

Log data-minding tool still not ready to public release, thus currently you can not work with log files, however, submitting this information, highly important for me for future development of Vista Battery Saver. Also, this program works on Windows XP, so if you still have it, please send me traces as well (this mode is not checked enough)

This tool is not collecting any personal information, so, you can quietly submit traces to me. Thank you for cooperation.

Download Battery Tracker >>

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30 תגובות

  1. vinaya5 בספטמבר 2007 ב 20:19

    give me the code

  2. screew15 בספטמבר 2007 ב 1:19

    very thanks it save my life

  3. Theo Pozzy9 באוקטובר 2007 ב 18:41

    On my HP Pavilion DV9428NR, it shows a crazy large number for hours remaining!

  4. Shachaf11 באוקטובר 2007 ב 12:00

    It would be great to get a local copy of battery performace.

  5. ayad16 באוקטובר 2007 ב 10:31

    it would be great to get a local copy fo battery performace

  6. ayad16 באוקטובר 2007 ב 10:32

    it would be great if i get that from this sit thanks

  7. charles30 בנובמבר 2007 ב 17:16

    Will you release the source code of this utility? Thanks.

  8. Tamir Khason1 בדצמבר 2007 ב 11:18

    Charles, not now, but maybe later. This is only debugging utility. You need something special to know about it?

  9. Arnoud Rop8 בדצמבר 2007 ב 11:22

    I'm always impressed by people who build software so easily. However, as an electrical engineer, I'd like to say that a capacity unit "W/h" does not really exist. It should be "Wh", while E(nergy) = P(ower) * t(ime). So, if the capacity is lets say 50 Wh, this means that the battery can deliver 50 W for the time of one hour. After that the battery is empty. If the power rate of your laptop is e.g. 25 W, your laptop will run 2 hours on a 50 Wh battery capacity.

    I think all calculations are correct, one should only mention a different unit, so it will not give misunderstanding.


  10. Jacky19 בדצמבר 2007 ב 3:10

    How about not keeping your laptop battery plugged in all the time. Take it out when you are using the power cord.

  11. Abubakar Umar28 בדצמבר 2007 ב 10:05

    It's so cooool and well

  12. Bill hu18 בינואר 2008 ב 8:23

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  14. tool battery27 בפברואר 2008 ב 2:53

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  15. tool batteries27 בפברואר 2008 ב 2:57

    I think perhaps the problem is a bit more widespread than they originally thought.I respect IBM/Lenovo as a company – it’s why I buy from them – so I hope they’ll make good on what is clearly something bad with the batteries/powermanager

  16. Tim29 בפברואר 2008 ב 23:51

    I've got 2 batteries in my Dell D630. Can you add the capability for 2nd battery?

  17. battery16 באפריל 2008 ב 5:05

    Thanks, these things are useful to me.

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  19. Daniel12 במאי 2008 ב 3:02

    does battery tracker work with vista 64 bit?

  20. gateway battery13 במאי 2008 ב 13:02

    I tested this camera for a client. I didn’t have the light running for more than 15 minutes. The battery lasted approximately 6 hours before recharging. The LCD, however, had a few dead pixels – never saw this before. Tried returning for exchange and had to put up quite a fight. Anyone else seen this?

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  25. Schermann21 ביולי 2008 ב 10:03

    What about XP version?

    Please, an XP version…