[Action Required] Battery Tracker – download new version

30 באוגוסט 2007

Less, then 12 hours and more then 2500 downloads - that's the verdict for this tool. Awareness, there are some critical bugs found in Battery Tracker. Please download the new version (from the same location) and replace the version on your computer. This is required action, due the version from August, 29th has number of bugs, that prevent you from sending me system traces. Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for cooperation. Download Battery Tracker >>
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Battery Tracker – Power management and battery tracing tool

29 באוגוסט 2007

A lot of people ask me about how to measure power charging or discharging rate. How to know the quality of your battery and power needs of operating system. How to be sure, that Vista Battery Saver really helps to prolong your battery life and detect exactly how it prolongs it. Two evenings and I wrote small utility, that helps you to know exactly what happens with your laptop battery and helps me to understand what to fix and what to...
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How to test localized application?

You finished writing World-Ready application. It detects current system culture, or possibly, UI culture, or, even Region and change it's layout language to language, detected with those methods. Now, you want to test it on different locales. What to do? You can go to test PC or, if you're advanced user, install virtual PC images and test the application, while changing Regional and Language Options for each of locale, you want to test. Pretty complicated, especially,  when you want to change...
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Italian locale for Vista Battery Saver

24 באוגוסט 2007

Grazie to Andrea Dellamonica from Tisource for Italian translation of Vista Battery Saver. Get latest installer from CodePlex (some minor fixes there) I want to purchase Code Signing Digital ID for VBS to sign code and pass Certified for Vista. There are more, then 500K installation of this software. All we need is 99$ (simple certificate) or 399$ (advanced), thus if each 1000th person will donate 1$, we can buy the certificate and have one dollar spare :). Chip in...
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Add Windows Live SkyDrive attachment to your post, by using Windows Live Writer

23 באוגוסט 2007

As you, probably, know, about two months ago, Windows Live team released new sharing platform, named SkyDrive (known as Windows Live Folders). This is really useful service, that allows you to share up to 500MB of your files in internet, by using nice and simple user interface. Why not to use it for attachments (especially, when current version of CS here has known bug to use attachment API :) ). I think, that all of you using Windows Live Writer to...

Microsoft Live comes to Nokia

Nokia always was bad to Windows Mobile, however, it looks like, even with Symbian, they can not be popular enough without Windows Live Services. See yourself. I already using Windows Live Messenger on my E61 device and it's really great. Worth to download and test, however they want you to pay for it... (not now, but afterward) via Josh
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Z-Order hack for WinForms interop controls in WPF

22 באוגוסט 2007

If you ever tried to put something from WPF world over Windows Forms controls (interop), you, probably, found it impossible. After it, while searching internet, you found AirSpace article, that clearly describes the reasons and rules. Digging more will bring you to the blog of Jeremiah Morrill, who fighting with AirSpace issue about a year. But this can not help you (and especially to your angry client). From one hand, it's too hard to tell your client: "Sorry, we do now...
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Where is Tafiti?

Want your search be cool? Let me introduce you Tafiti (Swahili) - Do research. What it good for? Let's imagine, you want to search, save your searches and then share your search results with others. You, probably, can use save search feature of Google, then save the result page url with del.icio.us and send it with Yahoo mail or IM it with eBuddy or Meebo. You, probably, want to blog it at Live.Spaces, Blogger, LiveJournal, FaceBook or, even, Twitter Now you...
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