Quick WPF tip: Alternative text for images

30 ביולי 2007

In HTML we have Alt tag, that provides alternative text for images (in case, that image is not exists), but what to do in XAML? Simple, use the power of DataTemplates and DataTriggers. In following example, I have data item with following properties Logo, which is Bitmap, Name and Description, that strings. I want to display Name text, in case, I have or want to disable no logo bitmap. Following code. <DataTemplate x:Key="tmpProvider"> ...
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Microsoft Expression Blend 2 August Preview is available

28 ביולי 2007

New refreshment of great XAML editing tool is available for download as Preview version. What's new? Silverlight (working with Silverlight 1.0 RC) and Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) integration support, User controls authoring, XAML editor got some improvements, such as changing font sizes, word wrapping, etc. You can now target your build by using $(BuildingExpressionBlend) property. New storyboard picker replaces old Storyboard combobox and you can finally manipulate (scaling, resizing, etc) multiple objects. We're looking forward for your feedbacks Download...
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Vista Battery Saver – French version

27 ביולי 2007

Now you can get latest beta 2 of Vista Battery Saver in French. Great thanks to Vista french community (VistaRC) for this contribution. If you want to use Vista Battery Saver in french, just download VistaBatterySaverSetup-MUI.msi from current release location and if your locale is FR, you'll get french UI for this application
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Microsoft is going Open Source

26 ביולי 2007

Oh, my godness... Microsoft implements O'Relly OSCON. This must be really fun, how far may it take... Open Source software labs @ Microsoft, CodePlex (it's only because of Vista Power Saver, indeed), Microsoft Shared Source, Open Source ISV Forum... Sounds really fun, can we have the sources of the next Windows version? See yourself: http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/
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WPF Events and memory leaks

Today, we'll speak about RoutedEvent and possible memory leaks associated with them. If you ever use EventManager, that's really cool mechanism of external attached event handling, you'll notice about lack of ability to unsubscribe from event handlers. What to do? Is it bad design? Actually, yes. This is possible memory leak. So, what to do with it? First of all, you can try to null handler. if(em_handler == null) em_handler = new RoutedEventHandler(EM_HandlePreviewMouse); ...
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Vista Battery Saver Beta 2 is available for download

24 ביולי 2007

New version of Vista Battery Saver (beta 2) is available for download from CodePlex. Except bug fixes, there is a new feature - automatic power plan change, depends on power source you are working with. I'm really wondering,  why this feature is not available in Windows Vista out-of-the-box? For example, if you are working on battery, you'd want to use Power Saver plan, however, if you are working on AC, you'd rather use Balanced or High Performance. So, Vista Battery Saver...
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Hack read only properties and fields using reflection

22 ביולי 2007

Today I got really confusing question: "Is it possible to change readonly property?". The first question, I asked is: "Why to do it?". The next thought was: "This is dammed interesting, whether is possible". Let's see... One thing is sure - we can not do it regular way, but we can do it for sure by using reflection. Let's create the class itself class TestReadOnly { public readonly int...
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The Blue Monster in SAP

Ask Steve Clayton about who is the Blue Monster, that makes me happy. Recently, the new one has been discovered in Orlando as well as in downtown of Seattle and today he's already in SAP offices. Here the photo of the Blue Monster in SAP offices in Ra'anana. It's everywhere. Technorati Tags: SAP , Microsoft , Blue Monster , Photo
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Vista Battery Saver goes Open Source

21 ביולי 2007

Due to chronic lack of time, I decided to publish full source code of Vista Battery Saver on CodePlex. I believe, that only this way, I can assure this really useful and important software to live. All developers, what to take care together with me on this soft development are welcome to join this project. Good luck and thank you. Vista Battery Saver @ CodePlex
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