Hebrew diacritics and – WPF on XP – טקסט מנוקד ו

29 ביוני 2007

Well well well. Do you know how to type עִבְרִית שָׂפָה קָשָׁה? No, really? Don't worry. Press CapsLock, then holding Shift key type T(א) and then, without releasing it 8 (*). What we have how? Hallelujah, we have אָ. You can see almost all options here. Well, now we know to write hebrew diacritics (ניקוד). What's next? Use it in WPF of cause. Well just write small program in XAMLPad to see if it works. Well done....
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How process asynchronous calls in Silverlight, by using custom Dispatcher

In current public alpha of Silverlight 1.1 there is no dispatcher. However there are STA and MTA. So, how to process long operations in background threads in MTA and update UI in STA? Well, let's write our own dispatcher. But this is not so simple, but it is possible. Let's start How, actually works dispatcher? It's pumps system messages by using timer in Single Threaded Apartment. Let's write VeryLongMethod. It will be high precise π (PI) calculation. By passing all math stuff,...
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Windows Live Folders

27 ביוני 2007

Today started new limited beta service Windows Live Folders as part of Windows Live services. It's media sharing web client with 500MB of space. I expected for such service after Microsoft SharedView, Product Upload and Gallery       It nicely integrated with Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Messenger, so you can share your document and music with your frieds Nice upload interface, powered by Ajax and Flash :(...
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Cross-domain calls and server side debugging of Silverlight application

25 ביוני 2007

Well, in this post, I'll touch two of most major problems with Silverlight development: Cross-Domain remote calls and Server-Side development and debugging. Two of those problem are related, but still happens one without an other. So, let's start with the first one. How to perform denied cross domain class in Silverlight. Probably all of you tried to get Silverlight sample of RSS reader work with external rss feed and got an exception: "Cross domain calls are not supported by BrowserHttpWebRequest." Well,...
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New things from Microsoft for free

16 ביוני 2007

There are a lot of Microsoft products, you have to pay for. There are some of Microsoft products, that free, but you have pay for them to doing something. But there is only one product and one action that completely free and doing by Microsoft. Look yourself Now, for serious. Live products become better from day to day, check yourself - type "Traffic" or "Weather" or "Map" or any other "significant" word in regular Live search window and you'll get...
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That's over, men, that's over

 So, we done. The first stage of MCP exams preparation for WPF 3.5 is over. It was great pleasure to work with this worldwide team of WPF professionals. Next stage is coming soon. So meanwhile I would suggest you to start learning for it, because up to end of this year, the certification will be ready and it will be really hard. Please notice, that "TestKing and Ko" will be unable to help those, who will not work to learn for it :) Here the team,...
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Right-To-Left support for Silverlight

10 ביוני 2007

Since, in Silverlight (at least not in current version) there is no support for bidirectional text, I was asked to find a way to get over it. My first try was to try to apply TextDirection and Language properties of Run element (well known and used in WPF) in Silverlight. Unfortunately, there are no such properties (even internal) for this, so I start looking for another methods. As well as we have no such property in XAML element, we have no FormattedText...
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The first full time WPF training is over

7 ביוני 2007

Today, for the first time since Hi-Tech college days about seven years ago, I teaches full day dev session. It was about WPF and covered all information from fundamentals to interop. I can tag this session as "Learn to understand and write WPF in eight ours" (cool name, indeed). Here the list of topics were covered: Fundamentals (30 min) 2D graphics (40 min) Tools (15 min) Styles, Templates and Resources (60 min) Data Binding (60 min) Animation (60 min) Interop (30 min) It also includes some...
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3 ביוני 2007

דחוף ומיידי לעבודה איתי (:)) דרוש/ה מפתח/ת WPF למשרה מלאה באזור המרכז. רקע ביישומי SAP יתרון. לשליחת ק"ח בפורמט טקסט לחצו כאן.
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