Fully binded validation by using Dependency and Attached properties

31 במאי 2007

Yesterday, I got a request from one of my clients to create validation rule with range, binded to source or any other data. Well, that's easy - I though. However, there are a couple of tricks, you should know, to perform it. Let's start from the beginning. Custom validation rule have to inherit from ValidationRule class, this means, that it can not be dependency object. But how said, that it can not have dependency object member? It can. So, first of all we...
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Three new betas from Live crew

Today released three new betas for Live environment. Windows Messenger goes 8.5. UI leaked earlier this week, and there is no a lot of changes. But it has some new functions. Download >> My lovely Windows Live Writer finally goes beta 2. A lot of changes. I'm using a number of months and it's really great application. No support for hebrew or russian in current version. Download >> Windows Live Mail goes new beta. Free mail client, can easily replace Outlook express and Windows Mail....
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WPF + UISpy = Accessibility testing

29 במאי 2007

Well, some of Doron's scripts make commenting to this post(hebrew) disabled, however today I want to write about WPF accessibility issues. Someone who writes code really know what is it? I'm pretty sure, that do not. Let's make small test case. Execute regular WinForms application and Accessibility Speech engine (you can find it under Start->Accessories->Ease of Access->Narrator). Try to open calculator and go to application menu. You'll hear something like: "Menu Item Edit. Three menu items. Copy Menu Item, shorkey Control C"....
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WPF binding to WCF and more

28 במאי 2007

Windows foundations are great. But how to make them work together. Today, I decided to explain how to build simple WPF application, with data, achieved from WCF OperationContracts (Methods) with simple and complicated parameters. So, let's start. First of all, we'll create simple WPF application, then we'll add WCF Service Library to our solution. It'll create nice template with explanations what to put where. So, we'll use it AS-IS and use our WPF application as host for WCF service (this can run...
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2D controls in 3D world – how to create "A wheel of fortune with WPF"

24 במאי 2007

Before reading this post you should know what is geometry and trigonometry. As well as you should know, that in WPF you can "brush" 3D meshes with images or, even other XAML vector controls, inherit and create custom controls, use animations, dependency and attached properties and handle special events. Here the result. Now - how to do it First of all, we have to create custom control to handle each wheel of slot. It must consists of cylinder or...
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Create editable TreeViewItem using styles

20 במאי 2007

One of clients asked me a question: "How easily create editable TreeViewItem". I answers: "Simple. Just use styles, triggers and templates." Let's start. We need something like this. First of all, let's create simple tree with data, provided by XmlDataSource.  Something like this will be good enough <root> <leaf id="1" name="leaf1"> <group id="1" name="group1"> <item name="item1" id="1"> <subitem id="1">test 1</subitem> ...
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Microsoft Popfly has been announced

18 במאי 2007

Today, Microsoft announced new cool tool named Popfly. What is it? Let's take The Information, make it easily accessed, and able users to build Their Own Information with Silverlight. What we got? New exciting tool of Wow. What we can do with Popfly? With Popfly everyone can build and share mash-ups, gadgets, web pages - other words Web Blocks. How to build them? Use online tutorials, professional and non-professional community. Who the target audience? Everyone, really. Everyone can build things with this simple,...
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PCWorld me

17 במאי 2007

From PCWorld stuff blog: Khason says Windows Vista Battery Saver enables and disables customizable features in Visa when your notebook's power source changes or its battery power falls under certain percent. Yeah, Khason says... He also proves his statement with handy tests. This damned fun, that such journal write about mini-me :) 
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StaticResource, DynamicResource, x:Static – what's all this about?

16 במאי 2007

So, you know to write very complicated things in XAML code, but, really, do you know what's the difference between static and dynamic resource? Do you know what's really x:Static means? We'll try today to understand differences and things we can do with this stuff. All those are markup extensions. Let's start from the very beginning - MSDN A markup extension can be implemented to provide values for properties in attribute syntax, properties in property element syntax, or both. StaticResource - Provides...
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