Is UAC good for jews?

10 בינואר 2007

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I believe, that all of us have UAC disabled in Vista. It's impossible to work, while black screen poped up on our try to run RegEdit for example. But is it good to disable really usable security feature of Windows Vista? Not really, excpessially while the computer not in domain each restart you get red baloon with security warning. Let's try to moderate it without disabling. To perform it all you have to do is make little patch to Local Security Policy.

  1. Open it with writing "Local Security Policy" in Vista serach from start menu. Is't it really great, that you do not have to find it yourself anymore?
  2. Go to Local Policy->Security Options
  3. There find out User Account Control: Behaviour of the elevation prompt for administrators
  4. Open it and change Prompt for consent to Elevate without prompting

To disable prompting for application installation change value of User Account Control: Detect application installations and prompt for validation from Enabled to Disabled

That't it. Now you have UAC up and running, but without screen blanking and nudge about security flaws while running regedit or program installation. Dont you forgot to switch UAC on before? To do it go to User Manager (just click on your picture at right upper side from start menu and check "Turn User Account Control on or off). Have a nice Vista

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