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Well, it has been a while since I spoke at NDC Oslo about multitenant software systems this last June, and I just noticed that I didn’t blog about it ever since! I guess that better late than never…

NDC Oslo 2017

This last June I had the privilege to speak at NDC Oslo – one of the biggest, most famous developer conferences in the world. I had a great time in Oslo, both while giving my presentation and listening to other speakers. The atmosphere was great, the organization was awesome, and if you missed out on the Shrimp Cruise – then you really should give it a go next time.

Eran Stiller @NDC Eran Stiller @NDC

Multitenant SaaS Software Architecture @NDC Oslo

While I was at NDC I gave a talk on “Keeping the Noisy Neighbours Happy”, or as I like to call it – “Multitenant SaaS Software Architecture”. This is a really hot topic these days. More and more projects are actively seeking to move from on-premise installations to a cloud based SaaS system. As this transition is sorted out, we should actively think about both the technical challenges and the business challenges involved. This is exactly what my talk is all about.


Slide Deck

[slideshare id=77097464&doc=keepingthenoisyneighborshappy-170620073951&w=800]

Sample Code

The sample code for the session can be found here.

Future Appearances

During October I will be giving additional sessions at speaking engagements internationally. You can see here for mode details. Come say Hi if you’re around. In addition, please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like me to come and speak at your Meetup or event. See you soon!

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