Azure Mobile Services Workshop – Slide Deck from Last Week


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Last week I had the pleasure of delivering a one day workshop at Microsoft Israel on Azure Mobile Services. For those of you who don’t know, Azure Mobile Services is an Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for easily authoring a mobile application back-end, complete with support for user authentication, push notifications and more. It is a type of service also commonly known as a Backend-as-a-Service.

Azure Mobile Services Resources

Azure Mobile Services

The slide deck for the workshop can be found here:

[slideshare id=54348506&doc=mobileservicesworkshop-151025084929-lva1-app6892&w=790]

All the demonstrations we had live on-stage are based on the Azure Mobile Services samples, which can be found on the official documentation pages here. The only sample which is not available on thoes pages is the sample showcasing the integration of SignalR with Azure Mobile Services. I’ll publish that sample as a separate blog post shortly.

I hope all those who attended had a great time, thank-you, and see you next time!

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