IoT at Israeli .NET Developer User Group


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 IoT is Hot

IoT gets all the hype these days. It is the new buzzword and soon it will be in every part of our life. But what are the parts that compose an IoT project? What is the correct way to build it?

In case you haven’t heard, Tamir Dresher and myself are presenting a lecture this Wednesday at the Israeli .NET Developer User Group on IoT and the cloud – with .NET! In this session we will look at how to build an IoT system using devices, sensors and the Cloud. We will demonstrate working with sensors in C# on a Raspberry Pie 2 running the IoT edition of Windows 10. We will understand the roles of Event Hubs, Stream Analytics and other cloud platforms in successfully delivering such a system and use them to end up with a complete IoT system from start to finish.

Oh, and I heard that the demo is pretty cool. If you’ve seen Alon and mine demo at the CVcon IoT conference earlier this year – this demo will be even cooler… 🙂

RobotKit IoT

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Join Us

If you’re into IoT or .NET then join us. Even if you’re not – there is always something to new learn. Registration is available here.

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