Upcoming Event: IoT & Cloud


The area of IoT (Internet of Things) gets all the hype these days. Thousands and even millions of devices sensing the environment and sending continuous information to your system, utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning technologies is no easy task to achieve, but it’s not the future – it’s already here!

This upcoming Monday CodeValue is delivering a CVcon conference on IoT & Cloud. Come join my colleagues and myself, as we explain and deep dive into this interesting and challenging area. Hear what IoT is all about, how Microsoft Azure can help in the process and how it all fits together.

Join Us!

Registration is free and is available at http://bit.ly/IoTcloudregister (Hebrew). Act quickly – registration closes this Sunday morning.

If you want to learn more, below are a couple of resources in Hebrew authored by Alon Fliess and myself as we head towards the conference:

See you there!

CVcon Invitation

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