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A new week has begun, and this week is no ordinary week. This week is home to various important technological announcements – Apple has announced its new iPad and iPad Mini, Google is about to announce its new Nexus smartphone and Android version, and Microsoft has publicly released its Windows 8 OS along with its new Surface tablet and is about to announce the new version of the Windows Phone platform. I don’t know if you noticed, but a technology war is raging out there and it’s taking no prisoners!

CodeValue @BUILD

In an attempt to further glimpse into Microsoft’s offering, a group of 11 software professionals from CodeValue including myself are about to attend Microsoft’s main developer conference – BUILD, which is held this week at Microsoft HQ next to Seattle. This group of CodeValue software professionals includes Alon Fliess, Pavel Yosifovich, Shay Friedman, Tomer Shamam, Ariel Ben-Horesh, Amir Zuker, Kobi Moraz, Erez Pedro, Gil Wolbrum, Aaron Etchin and as I mentioned above – myself.

At this conference we are hoping to obtain better knowledge and understanding of Microsoft’s future roadmap, including onward plans for the Windows OS, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, XBOX etc. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Surface tablet either… Smile

Updates @BUILD

During the next week, you can expect to find on this blog interesting updates, special anecdotes and noteworthy events directly from the BUILD conference. You can also follow my twitter account @eranstiller for shorter updates and stories. Note that (all?) BUILD sessions are recorded and should be available on Channel 9 within 24 hours following the session (check the BUILD website for more details). If you want to stay on top of things like we like to do here at CodeValue, I recommend you clear up some time and tune in. As I stated at the opening, there’s a technology war out there and information is a key to success. See you there!

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