Architect’s Master Class – Impressions so far


Luckily for me, starting yesterday I had the privilege to attend Juval Lowy’s 5-day Architect’s Master Class which is held in Israel and organized by Gadi Meir’s IDAG. In this Master Class, Juval, a recognized software legend by Microsoft and one of the most well known Software Architects in the world, explains the role of the Software Architect in the Software Development industry and his position in the organization.

Listening to Juval is, as always, a pleasure. I am personally happy to find out that many issues I have contemplated about in the past as a solution Architect are not unique, and that my solutions and beliefs are usually on par with what Juval teaches. Juval certainly has an ability to take a point and graphically drive it all the way home and that is why listening to him is so enjoyable.

The first two days of the Master Class were devoted mainly to the Software Crisis and the lack of industrialization in the software industry, and a thorough explanation of the appropriate process for managing the development of a Service-Oriented System. I can’t even count the number of times in which Juval demonstrated a situation which I could project into real life. The material is very practical and I believe that this is the key to the success of the master class – real life instructions for the real life architects.

These two days were definitely a blast and I learned a lot, and I am looking forward for the remaining three days. Hopefully I’ll be able to share my insights once the master class finishes. I know I can’t wait to implement the material on our CloudoscopeSmile

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  1. Romulus18/01/2012 ב 15:47

    Do you know from where I can download the class source code and lecture slides?

  2. Eran Stiller18/01/2012 ב 16:02

    Hi @Romulus,
    The class doesn’t have any “source code” as it is a mostly theoretical class. There is some demonstration of WCF, but all of that code can be found as part of Juval’s ServiceModelEx library and samples which can be downloaded from IDesign’s site (
    The lecture slides, on the other hand, are not available for download. You’ll have to attend the course in order to obtain them…


  3. Romulus19/01/2012 ב 09:34

    Thank you for your answer,