WAS Listener Adapter Hang


This post was written after I wasted invested several hours in getting a non-HTTP WCF 4.0 workflow service hosted in the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS), in hope that the next person who stumbles upon this would find it in Google Bing or something… Assume you want to host a WCF 4.0 service in WAS on a Windows 7 environment. Lets further assume that this WCF service is non-HTTP activated, meaning that it uses TCP, MSMQ or named pipe bindings. One of the steps required for accomplishing the above is starting an appropriate listener adapter service for the...

WF 4.0: Déjà-Vu? Not So Far!


I’ve worked a lot with WF 3.0 and WF 3.5 in the past, and I almost always ended up with some mixed feelings. On the one hand, WF is an amazing technology which allows you to do some pretty incredible things when you think about it – easily create a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) and allow domain experts to accurately model the business logic as they see fit in a graphic manner, just dragging-and-dropping some cubes around. Along with accompanying abilities to host the WF and allow it to communicate with the outer world it should be a definite winner....
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