Enhancing your E-Marketing Campaigns Part IV – Planning & Process

25 במאי 2011


This post will mainly describe and examine an example of E-Campaign process.

Main Topics

  • How to plan E-Marketing campaign?
  • How to design the process of E-Campaign correctly?
  • What is an example of successful E-Campaign process for Enterprise Company?


How to plan E-Marketing campaign?

In order to create a successful E-Campaign you must first plan every step of your campaign.  The meaning of E-Campaign is not simply sending one email to all your clients, get the statistics and forget that you ever did that.
Creating E-campaign is all about delivering right messaging to the right audience in convenient time for them while gaining insights, which later on you will convert to additional required actions.

Once you have launched an E-Campaign you would always want to achieve the best possible results. To enhance your results you should always plan several next steps in advance to be prepared for any possible scenario outcome, for example what will you do if your first messaging in your E-campaign achieved poor open rate, what should you do next?

In that case it would be wise to send the same messaging with different subject line, doing so will certainly grant you additional conversions. You always must plan ahead and have plan to any possible outcome.
Another example: you attained high open rate but your action item was neglected (low click thru). In that case you should analyze where the fault lies, maybe your content messaging was not that relevant or attractive or  maybe your action item was not clear enough. In both cases I would recommend to redesign the email, change slightly the offering content and send the messaging again to the subscribers who have previously neglected your action item.

To help yourself create successful campaign it is always preferable to create a solid process which will include all the necessary planning arrangements.

How to design the E-campaign process correctly?

E-Campaign processes are very personal and differ from company to company, it depends a lot on your marketing team skills, company's profile and arrangement, the tools your team/company possesses.
To create a correct e-campaign process for your company these are the several things to start with: Write the Content/offering for any scenario available (fist messaging, reminder messaging, messaging for low open rate, thank you messaging and etc.)


What is an example for E-Campaign process for Enterprise Company?

Below I present an example of five-step process for Enterprise Company E-Campaigns illustrated by chart.

Content Owner – Team in your company which generally provides the task and the content.
Online Studio – Team in your company which has technical skill of producing and distributing your e-campaign, seldom those teams will possess digital marketing skills.
Mail Data output – Some annalistic data output seldom provided from some E-Marketing tool.

Step 1: Creating the Content and possible scenarios for the Campaign
Step 2: Creating and approving Email Design & Reappearing the targeted audience list
Step 3: Producing Html Version of the Email
Step 4: Retrieving Statistics information & producing insight according to KPI’s
Step 5: Make Conclusions & Proceed to the next best action according the results and scenario plan

E-Marketing Campaigns Proces


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