Enhancing your E-Marketing Campaigns Part I – Design & Innovation

3 במאי 2011


This post is going to be mainly about Email design and innovative ideas for E-Campaigns

Main Topics

  • Why shall I send emails to my customers and partners?
  • How to achieve successful E-campaign?
  • How to design good emails?
  • What is it that makes E-Campaigns look great, unique and innovative?
  • What are the examples of innovative emails?

Why shall I send emails to my customers and partners?

It’s very important to maintain live connection with your customer or partner, creating opportunities maximizing profit as a result.
One of the most cost-effective methods is E-Marketing.
E-Marketing allows you to reach mass audience, and deliver messaging involving them in your Company/ Business Offerings/ Products.  

How to achieve successful E-Campaign?

There are a lot of ingredients that are required for your E-campaign to achieve desired results,  including:

  • Understating your Audience – Understand what your clients expect from you, and know what competitors do. For example:  How they view your messing is it by computer or by mobile phone, are they used to more textual email or more visually designed and etc, what is your clients' median age, what is your business line: is it b2c or b2b, and so on…
  • Keep it Relevant – Send to your subscribers only relevant propositions and information. You don’t want to be considered as spammer and consequently lose your integrity.
  • Neat and Detailed Customer Database – You must have detailed information about your subscribers/customers, segmented by their company, job role, geographical location, language and culture. For example you don’t want to send by accident a message to your client in a language that he can’t read, that will be most unprofessional.
  • Don’t be too pushy or annoying – – you really don't want to send too many communications to one customer in short time period, that will just annoy him and greatly reduce the odds of success.
  • Call to Action – try involving "call to action" items in your messaging if you want to convert your campaign to opportunities. But be careful  not to overdose  –  too many "call toactions" are as bad as none.
  •  Personalize your content – try to personalize your content using your customer database to achieve better impact.
  • Innovation Design and Presentation of the Content & Brand – you must constantly search for the next idea, for more innovative look.  But make sure you don’t exaggerate too much, if your recipients don’t understand your motive and your intent they will consider it trash. All your communication should be created from one solid brand but yet contain individuality, presence and evolve interest.
  • Technical skill – make sure that clients receive your communication as intended. Today there is a wide variety of mail clients that users use to view their mails like: Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook and etc. You must have some technical skill and follow certain rules to make sure that your email looks the same in all mail system clients.

How to design good emails?

To create a positive impact you must understand that the way you’re messaging looks is directly linked to your customer satisfaction and impression about your way of conducting business. Every outgoing communication  with your clients is company's  business card  , emails & newsletters are no exception to this rule.

Several Guidelines on how to make your email look great before you begin the design process:

  • Understating your Audience – Your design should be modified accordingly to your audience group, culture, and business line and audience preference.
    If you don’t have such information you can conduct online research by learning what your competitors do. The other possibility is by “try and catch” method, it’s simply try and learn from your mistakes, gaining insight and drawing conclusions each time of what you did wrong and how to improve it the next time.
  • Keep it Relevant – Try not to make your email too long, a scrollable email are much less effective than a short mail with sharp targeted content. If you  have to transfer a lot of content in single mail, try to use links and landing pages for more content. Understand, that your client receive not only your emails but also emails from other companies, he rarely has the time to read long, unfocused communications.
  • Neat Design – The mail should be designed neatly, smoothly and clearly, according to your brand, try to be innovative but try not at the expense of messing up your mail.
  • Call to Action – The call to action links or buttons should be designed in such a way that  the user can notice them immediately and placed where they will draw the most focus and attention. Placing your action items at the bottom of the long email is an example of bad email design.
  • Innovation Design & Brand –try to be innovative and creative. But don’t  go over the top about it, your recipient should  always be able to understand from a first glimpse on the email that it is from your company by recognizing its brand mark. Solid brand mark adds a lot of reliability to your messaging.
  • Technical skill – There a lot of technical limitations you should take into consideration before beginning the design
  • Width – the email can’t be too  wide; it may cause the mail not to be displayed   correctly in your client mail program. It is recommended to stick  with 650 pixels width.
  • Length – long email will cause a long scroll, it will annoy the user and create deterrence.
  • Long Headers & Meaningful Header – Exceedingly long email headers are  drawing too much attention from your content, if you are going to use long headers make sure they are meaningful and  not  just another cute picture from Istock which has no additional added value.
  • Using Images –  by using images in your email (or creating email that is made entirely from one big image) you can create much more beautiful communication and by that achieve better impact. But make sure you know your audience, and  they can see your email properly. Some email clients block images (for example not all mobile phones support images in email).
  • Don’t use background images at textual email – You can’t use background images at textual (live text) emails – most email clients programs are blocking them, and your mail won’t be received as you expected.
  • Weight – if you are using too much images your mail can exceed great weight which is not very recommended, heavy emails sometimes may not reach your client, or your client will delete because of some limitation of space he has on his company email.
  • Alt Tags and Image Titles – try to always use “alt” and “title” tags for images in your email, especially if your emails constructed only from images.
  • Alternative Email View – Make sure to include web version link of the email, to allow people to view the email via browser if they didn't receive it correctly.

What are the examples of innovative emails?

To learn more about innovative examples you may use companies like Apple, Adobe and Nike as a benchmark. Just go to their sites and sign up for their mails and newsletters.

Later I will write a post with dedicated examples and their detailed analysis.

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