How To Create A Team System Web Test Plug-in

יום ראשון, אפריל 5, 2009

I will start by explaining what is a test plug-in and than I will show how to create one. Web Test Plug-in is used to do the following: Run code that you write at the beginning or at the end of each Iteration. In order to use it in the beginning and the end of each iteration you will need to override the PreWebTest and PostWebTest methods. Run code at the beginning or the end of each Request. In order to use a Web Test Plug-in in the beginning and the end of each request you will need to override the...

CodePlex Scrum Sprint Monitor For Team System

יום חמישי, אפריל 2, 2009

I have published a post regarding the Scrum Process Template here. Now I like to talk about a grate addition to the Scrum with Team System. In CodePlex there is a project name Scrum Sprint Monitor located here. This project is a screen saver that shows you the Sprint status at all times with nice summaries, graphs and charts. To set it up you need to do the following: Step 1: Edit the “SprintConfiguration.txt” file Here is an example: ProjectName= Scrum Example ProcessTemplateName= Scrum for Team System 'IterationId= 162698 IterationPath= Scrum Example\Release 1\Sprint 1 'BuildDefinitionName= <CI Build Definition Name> SprintStartDate= 2009-3-18 10:00:00 -6:00 SprintEndDate= 2009-4-18...

Scrum Process Templates For Team System

יום רביעי, אפריל 1, 2009

Scrum is an Agile development methodology that has a growing audience in the software development world. I have been asked by customers of mine regarding the Team System and the Scrum. Team System is very flexible and can easily support the Scrum Methodology with a few customizations, however there are Process Templates already made with the Scrum support so you can download them and start using them with no charge. I will mention here two of these Process Templates: CodePlex: I will start with the CodePlex Project Template that can be downloaded from the “Scrum Process Template Home Page” located here. The CodePlex Project Template...

How To See The TFS Source Control Cache Performance Statistics

יום שני, מרץ 30, 2009

I have posted about changing the TFS Source Control Cache Settings in order to boost performance here How can we be sure that the changes are correct and we have better performance now? The TFS is saving statistics so you can monitor the cache performance easily. What can you see? Current cache size Total cache hits Total download requests Total files in cache How can you see it? Step 1: Log in to the application tier and open a browser. Step 2: Surf to - http://localhost:8080/VersionControl/v1.0/proxystatistics.asmx Step 3: Click QueryProxyStatistics Step 4: Click Invoke A XML file will be opened with the statistics of your TFS Source Control...
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How To Run A Recorded Web Test On Different Servers

יום חמישי, מרץ 26, 2009

Many times when I record a web test, I do that on my local machine, the result is all the requests are directed to my localhost. A very nice feature added in Team System 2008 is the “Parameterize Web Server” button added to my Web Test GUI. Clicking on it will open a new window with one new parameter with the default name of “WebServer1”. We can also see that the “Web Server” parameter is the server that the web test was recorded on.     Click OK and see that two things have happened a folder was added to your Web...

How To Change The Cache Size Of The TFS To Boost Performance

יום שלישי, מרץ 24, 2009

The TFS application tier holds a cache of the source control files so the users can download files from this cache instead of downloading them from the data base. In order to boost performance you can change the size of this cache and how much old files to delete, you can do it in the following way: Step 1: Open the Web.config file located in \Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Web Services\VersionControl Step 2: Locate the <appSettings> section. Step 3: Now change the CacheLimitPercent and the CacheDeletionPercent keys to get the best performance. Step 4 (Optional): Instead of using the CacheLimitPercent that...
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How To Extract A Web Test Out Of An Existing Web Test In Team System

יום ראשון, מרץ 22, 2009

There are times when you have a part of a scenario that needs to be repeated in other scenarios. There are two options available: Record the steps each time for each of the scenarios. Create a Web Test that includes these scenario steps and embed the Web Test in other web tests. Option 2 is obviously preferable because it saves valuable time, take in account that you are not just recording steps but you also adds roles to it and modify it, wouldn’t you prefer to do that one time only? In Team System 2008 there is a nice feature that allow...
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TFS Hangs while viewing source control folders

יום רביעי, מרץ 11, 2009

Hi, We have been dealing with a strange performance issue with TFS. One of our users reported that he's facing terrible performance issues while working with TFS.Any source control operation takes a long time. Even exploring the source confrol folders causes Visual Studio to hang.Besides that - the client PC works great with any other application and any other network resource.We noticed that those TFS issues happen only in this specific PC, when working with Team explorer 2005 or with 2008, or while using msscci plugin for VB6. Cleaning Visual studio cache did not solve the problem. We solved the problem by creating a new...
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How To Add Work Flow Transitions To The Source Control Check-In Action?

יום שלישי, מרץ 3, 2009

When doing a Check-In action in the TFS Source Control the best practice is to associate the Check-In to one or more Work Items. How do I choose which transactions from my work flow will be included in the Drop Down list of the work items in the check in window? In the following screenshot we can see the screen I am talking about, you can see the State column and the Check-in Action column what we want to do is add more options (Depends on your workflow). In order to do that we will need to add an action to...

How To: Rebuild the Team System Cube

יום שני, פברואר 23, 2009

There are times when you need to rebuild the Team System cube, the common scenarios are: whenever you move, restore, rename, or fail over the data-tier server. The Team System cube is what the Reporting Services is using in order to create the Team System reports. To perform these procedures, you must have the following permissions in SQL Server: You must be a member of the sysadmin security group for the database instance for Team Foundation and for the Analysis Services database instance of the Team System data warehouse. You must be a user of the TfsWarehouse relational database. You must...
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