Get ready 2008 – VSTS For Developers & Testers

יום שבת, יולי 7, 2007

Last week Microsoft and NESS organized a three days extreme learning. I was one of the lecturers and I talked about Unit testing, TDD, Load testing, Performance testing, Web testing in VSTS for Developers and Testers. For all of you who missed it or just want to take a look at it, you can download it from here. If you have any feedback about the lectures, let me know :-)

Advanced issues for VSTS testers – Cross posts

יום שני, יוני 4, 2007

Sarit Tamir previously submitted a post that introduces SRL's bloggers Guy Kolbis, Maor David and Leon Langleyben. I recently published in my blog several posts regarding advanced issues for a tester in the VSTS Testers edition. You can read more about them in these links: How to abort a web test on specific request Logon once and perform a number of tests Creating customized manual test templates Collecting performance counters from UNIX during VS load test Why the web test browser recorder doesn't capture AJAX calls?