When To Stop Testing An Application?

7 ביוני 2009

I have seen many answers to this question, all talking about matrixes, what should I test, How should I test etc.

Not many answers to this question talked about the overall process of development, the bigger picture…

The testing process is part of much bigger picture of development that involves the developers, testers, managers, stockholders, marketing and more.

Lets start with what stops the development in general, that will be the time to market of course, no product no matter how good it is will worth anything if it wont be sold.

When we come to manage a project we slice the time from the day we start the project until the day we need to deliver, these slices will contain planning, development, testing and more depends on the methodology we are using.

Now we got left with the testing slice in the project, the best thing to do with it is to develop a good testing plan that will use all the testing methods, risk management, resources management, bugs management, matrixes etc.

One thing that I recommend without getting in to the methodology that you will use is when there is a code freeze date have enough time for one more regression cycle to reduce the chance of having a show stopper bug in one of your main functions when the product is released.

We can see that the answer to the question “When to stop testing an application?”  is very simple, when the time runs out.

When do you stop testing?

Have Fun!!!

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  1. hatem1 בנובמבר 2009 ב 10:34

    this answer is sooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong

  2. Michael Bolton9 בדצמבר 2009 ב 22:26

    Testers can talk about this sort of thing with the program manager (or whatever you might call the product owner), but it's the program manager that makes the decisions about how to schedule and staff the project, and when to release it. As such, the program manager is, ultimately, the person who decides when to stop testing.

    I wanted to take a more helpful approach, in that I wanted to help testers and project managers determine when it might be a good idea to stop a given test, a test cycle, or testing for an entire project. There are many heuristics that are worth considering. My answers are here:


    —Michael B.