How To Manage A Project When Politics Involved

4 ביוני 2009

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There where times when I believed that managing a good project involves only pure professionalism, but with time I found out that a good project manager should also have high social skills as well in order to be a good project manager or in that case a good manager in general.

Lets say that you need to deliver a project but the expected result varies depends on the stakeholder you ask, what would you do than?

This is a very difficult situation when you are about to fail no matter what the results of the project will be.

My advice for you in these situations is to gather all the stakeholders in one room or at least in a meeting that will gather them all and to decide together on the scope and objectives of the project.

The result of the meeting if managed correctly can bubble up all the disagreements and solutions will start to arise.

Hopefully that will solve the problem, it is important to put objectives for this meeting and to send it in advanced to all the participants so the time will not be spent on explaining the goals of the meeting.

Have Fun!!!

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