Bugs Life – How To Manage Bugs Part 1

28 באפריל 2009

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I have recently posted about bugs in: Are All Bugs Should Be Fixed? there I promised to post about how to manage bugs.

How to manage bugs is a little boring subject so I will try to explain it in a different way.

I will quote from a bug’s diary in the “Bugs Life” posts so we can understand what happens from a “bug’s perspective”, I will add my own explanations to it so we can understand the process.

I hope you will like it, lets start…

This diary has been written in what our bug describes as “Jail” which is what we call a bug tracking tool, our little bug is waiting for the final decision on what to do with it lets look at the first part of the diary:

Dear diary,

I have decided to write these lines in order to leave something behind.

My name is bug 256, and I am now in jail because of the Fu— tester Pitters.

He caught me drinking some bites so what??? and you know what he said? That I am a Critical bug, yes this is what he said only because I was naughty bad OK I was very bad…

The rumors say they are about to “Fix” me I heard that when they fix a bug he returns crazy, he never drinks again, they set you free but they always keep track on you, you need to always watch your back.

I don’t want to be “Fixed” what will happen with my wife then? I have a beautiful wife, her name is “ForEach”.
You know I haven’t told that to anyone but I think that she is cheating on me with the Debugger.
Yesterday I have seen the Debugger looks at her over and over and over again, he checked her from top to bottom, one day I will catch this Debugger and I will put him so many break points that he will never get to my wife.

That’s all for today, I meet my friend bug 510, we are going to get some bytes to drink…

So what is the process that is described here?

We can see that the tester found the bug, documented it in the bug tracking tool and decided on its severity, the QA/Testers are the only people that decides on the bug’s severity.

After the bug is documented it waits for the decision on its “Fait”, the result can be to leave it unfixed or to fix it.

Not all bugs will be fixed! 

On my next post we will see what happens to our little bug in the Bug Management Process…

Have Fun!

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