How To Work with Team System using MSProject – Introduction

25 בנובמבר 2008

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After we have finished with the Excel guide its time to deal with the MSProject.

Team System is integrated with MSProject which gives the user the ability to use all the grate features of the MSProject and still work directly with the TFS (Team Foundation Server), for example lets say that I have a project gantt already built in the MSProject, instead of adding new tasks to the system one by one I can do it with one click of a button, all tasks and there data will be entered to the Team System as new work items.

It is important to mention here that the Team System is not replacing the MSProject, the Team System is adding capabilities to the MSProject and the MSProject is adding capabilities to the Team System.
why is it that important to say that here?
The way we work with the MSProject is different than the way we work with the Excel, when we use the MSProject we work with the same project file, we update both ways all the time: the project and the TFS, this will be clearer later in the guide.

When I look at my customers using the Team System I see users that don't really understand the full potential that is hidden in this grate tool so for them and for all the rest of our readers I decided to dedicate this blog post and 4 of my future blog posts to write a guide that will (hopefully) cover the main features.

These days I am participating in a unique project at one of our customers sites, the project is a beta implementation of the Team System code name "Rosario" (Team System 2010).
Unfortunately I can't talk about any of the things we are doing there but I like to dedicate the last post of this guide to the "Rosario" new features.
All features that I will show in this post are already available in the CTP of the "Rosario" that is already released so you can start evaluating them.

These are the blog posts subjects:

  1. Introduction – This is the current blog post that opens the guide. 
  2. Export to MSProject – I will show different ways to export work items from the Team explorer to MSProject.
  3. Publish and Refresh – I will explain how to Publish and to deal with publish problems, I will also explain how to refresh the data.
  4. Get Work items – I will show how we can change the list of work items so you will have better control over your items.
  5. Rosario: Links in MSProject – I will show how to add children to items and how it is shown in the MSProject, I will also show the predecessor/Successor link type.

See you on the next post…

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