How To Work with Team System using Excel – Rosario: Parent Child relation

14 באוקטובר 2008

This post is the sixth post out of seven that builds the Excel Guide. See the first post here

On this post I will talk about the Parent Child relations between work items and how it works with Excel.

In the Rosario there are new type of links, but the most influencing link type that was added to the Rosario is the Parent/Child link.

Parent/Child link links many child nodes to each parent node, a parent can have many children but each child have only one parent so what we get is an hierarchy of a tree type.

In the Rosario version the Excel has an implementation for that link type.
The way that a Parent/Child is implemented is in columns indentation of the title field, means that the parent will be in the first title field, his child will be on the second and so on up to the bottom of the tree.

Here is the result for a query of type tree that results with one parent user story and one child user story.


To add another level in the tree mark the second line’s title field and clicking the “Add Child” button. (Will be shown in the Rosario version only)


The result is a new work item and a new column of title to show there is one more level in the tree.


You can continue to play with the levels and number of child rows you add to a parent.

Remember that there can be only one parent to each child.

There are other link types in the Rosario, I leave that to the reader to investigate further, other link types will not be shown in the Excel.

In order to add different link types to a work item use the “Links and Attachments” button.


Note that in order to use this button the target work item must be published first.

See you on the last part of this guide on my next post…

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4 תגובות

  1. Kartik Shah9 ביולי 2009 ב 7:44

    First of all i would like to say this is very information. Thanks for posting this.

    Now my question is, while trying to import Test case using Excel i am able to import all the fields that i want except Steps. The reason is because Steps are saved as XML in backend as they have Steps and expected result to save.

    Is there any way that i can import my test cases from Excel to VSTS system specifcally Steps.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Eran Ruso9 ביולי 2009 ב 8:28

    Kartik Shah,

    Yes there is but it is thru the API of the system.

    I have done this exact thing for a Test Case item that I have created for the Team System 2008.

    Create an application that creates an XML format of your excel in the structure the Custom Control expects and use the API to import it to the work item.

    Hope it helps…

  3. Kartik Shah9 ביולי 2009 ב 10:13

    Thanks Eran. We will try this approach.

    Thanks for replying so quickly.

  4. MarkRight28 באוקטובר 2009 ב 17:04

    Great article as for me. It would be great to read more concerning this theme.