How To Work with Team System using Excel – Get Work Items and Change List Configuration Options

5 באוקטובר 2008

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This post is the fifth post out of seven that builds the Excel Guide. See the first post here

On this post I will talk about the Get Work Items function and how to Change List Configurations that are available in the Excel.

Excel is showing the user only the work items he has chosen to see, what if he likes to add more to that list? This is exactly that reason Excel has the “Get Work Items” functionality.

To get Work Items do the following steps:

Step 1: Click on “Get Work Items” button


Step 2: In the window that pops up choose the work items to add and click OK.

The “Configure List” sets the Refresh method mode.

There are two modes:

  • Refresh From Query – When this option is chosen each Refresh will set the list to contain all the work items that answers the query’s conditions.

  • Refresh Current Work Items Only – When this option is chosen each refresh will update all the changes in the current list of work items from the server, no new work items will be added.

When exporting from a query the first mode will be the default, when exporting from a chosen work items the second mode will be the default.

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