How To Work with Team System using Excel – Choose Columns

18 בספטמבר 2008

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This post is the third post out of seven that builds the Excel Guide. See the first post here

On this post I will talk about the Choose Columns function that is available in the Excel.
This function lets us choose what fields out of the work item's fields we like to see in the Excel, all the rest of the fields will be hidden from us.

One important thing before we start, when we create new work items from the Excel we still bound to the required fields even if we choose not to show them in the Excel, make sure you have a default values to the required fields you don't show in the Excel otherwise you will get an error when you publish the new work items.

After finishing all the steps in the latest post I published of this guide you will see an excel document with a list of work items that you have chosen to export.
Next thing you would need to do is set up the columns so it will be comfortable to manage the work items so lets get to work…

In order to add or remove columns click the “Team” tab and then click “Choose Columns”.


To Add or remove columns use the Arrow buttons, all the chosen columns are located on the right hand of the screen.


When setting the “Work Item Type” dropdown list it will filter all the fields that are not in the chosen type.
In the screenshot I have chosen the Bug type so only the fields that are related to the work item of type bug will be shown.


One more function that you need to get familiar with is the “Add Required”, clicking this button will automatically set all required fields that are related to the work item type chosen in the WI type dropdown list.


Important field is the “Work Item Type”, the Excel “needs to know” what is the work item type in order to start a new work item.
It is recommended to put this field at the top of the fields list so you will never forget to fill it.

See you on my next post…

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2 תגובות

  1. Michael17 במרץ 2009 ב 4:04

    Is there some way to make this permanent. We are tired of having to select columns every time we export to Excel.

  2. Eran Ruso26 במרץ 2009 ב 11:01

    Yes there is a way to make this permenant, just edit the query that builds the Excel to have these columns.