Converting from VSS to TFS 2008 invokes the error TF60014

22 ביוני 2008

The last time I was converting from VSS to TFS 2008 I encountered a problem. After going through the first two steps I had a little problem. The first step, the one that analyzes the database (analyze –fp –v4) went very well. The second step (VSSConverter analyze) was also no problem. The last one was different. We kept getting the message, “TF60014: The username Domain\UserName in the user map file C: \UserMap.xml is invalid.” We got this message for each and every user. After scratching my head for a while, I started making changes to the...
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Murphy's Law on TFS Installation

20 ביוני 2008

A few days ago I had a very interesting experience that I like to share with you. I have done some implementation work at a customer's siteand one of the things we had to do is migrating the customer'sVisual Source Safe data base to the Team System Source Control. If you ever experienced in doing that you will know that the processis very very long it takes some preliminary actions that alone takes a few hours (and some curses). After doing all the preliminary steps it was time to do the real deal, to start the migration.The hour was...
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Code Coverage from Manual Tests

18 ביוני 2008

Code coverage is an important tool that provides valuable information that enable you to determine what methods (or even lines of code) that still do not have a suitable test and thus assist on determining the effectiveness of your test efforts Most people normally use code coverage with automated testing, but there is an even grater value using this tool will performing manual tests. So, in order to use code coverage from manual tests you need to: 1. Make sure you activate code coverage for your project: 2. Run your manual test from one of the test...
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Customizing Process Templates

16 ביוני 2008

When creating a Team Project you have to choose a Process Template. It is Common practice to customize the process to your company needs. If you have one Team Project then this is OK. If you have several Team Projects that work the same, and need the same customizing you can just create a new Process Template. All you have to do is download an existing process template and customize it, trust me, it will save you a lot of time. The necessary steps are: 1. Open Visual Studio 2. Go to Team -> Team Foundation Server Settings ->...
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And The Oscar Goes To…..

4 ביוני 2008

Yesterday Microsoft Israel held the annual Postcar (Post Oscar) awards. There were different categories that won an awards (like the most read blog, the most read post and so on) The winner in the group blog category was.... the SRL Team blog which competed in the same categories with a number of influential blogs. The award is a great honor for us and it reflects SRL's leading role in ALM & VSTS. Ever since Sarit and Leon came up with idea of creating the group blog in September 2006, many past and present writers took the time to share their knowledge and experience...
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Creating a Work Item from an Existing Work Item

Many times we are putting a lot of work in a requirement (or any other type of a work item), filling all the required fields, filling a detailed description, filling all the rest of the fields that are needed for this requirement and after all this work we need to start over to create the next requirement that is just like the previous one with a small change. So we crash on the keyboard and start crying... Luckily I have heard your cry and I came for the rescue!!! There a few ways of creating work items out of existing work items...
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Visual studio gets confused between TFS servers

2 ביוני 2008

I've been trying to figure out some issue: I choose TFS server (connect TFS server from VSTS), I get servers ServerA and ServerB. I choose serverA and Team Explorer shows me serverA with serverB's team projects...   Furhermore, WITIMPORT /t serverA will import my XMLs to serverB !!! (a workaround found was to delete tfs client cache: Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Team Foundation\1.0\Cache)   Is it possible? How?   Well, the problem was in the way the the second TFS server was created - by backing up the original TFS server data and restoring it to a different server. Both servers share tha same instance id !!! So...
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