TFS Case Study – Municipality of Tel-Aviv

30 במרץ 2008

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clip_image001The Computer Department of the Municipality of Tel-Aviv was facilitated by the experts of the SRL Group in establishing an application lifecycle management platform.
Consequently, the development-time has been reduced substantially and a high level of standardization has been achieved, as well as improved internal cooperation between teams and various functionaries, financial saving, increased transparency and much better decision making.

Client Profile

imageThe Computer Department of the Municipality of Tel-Aviv employs approx. 250 people (of which 160 are development personnel) and is responsible for approx. 400 information systems and 240 servers, which serve approx. 7,000 municipal workers. The development teams are dispersed in four sites across the City. The municipal technological realm encompasses five development languages in different versions, a variety of databases (primarily Microsoft SQL and Sybase) and heterogeneous infrastructures.

You can read the full case study in the attached document.

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