Get Latest Version on Checkout Action in VS2003.

27 באוגוסט 2007

    Hello, everyone! This post is for those who uses the VS 2003 for development and, in the same time, uses VSTS 2005 for Source Control. If you are the one of this group, you probably want to get the latest version of your code when you check it out. To get this goal you need to complete the next set of actions:   First, check if you have MSSCCI Provider installed on your computer, otherwise you won't be able to work with VS 2003 and VSTS 2005.  Open VS 2003 and go to Tools ->Options-> Source Control -> SCC Provider -> Advanced .  In Advanced window...
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DBPro PowerTools Now Available!

12 באוגוסט 2007

Power Tools that extend the functionality of Visual Studio Team Edition for Data Professionals is now available.  The tool includes: Dependency Viewer More refactoring support Extended Data Generation New MSBuild Tasks T-SQL Static Code Analysis Schema Manager API Read Gert's post for a more detailed explanation. Download the tool from here.
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Team Foundation Server and SQL Server Collation

10 באוגוסט 2007

One problem, we are having sometimes during Team Foundation Server setup, caused by the fact that TFS has serious limitations on SQL server collation. To be exact, following collation are not supported: Accent Insensitive Case sensitive Binary Binary2 In case, we have to install TFS on top of existing SQL Server, there is a good chance, that System Health Check report, prepared by TFS setup, will contain "SQL Server collation is not set to one supported by Team Foundation Server" error. What can we do now? Before we can proceed with the setup, we have to change MS-SQL collation to one of supported by...
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Screen cast: Transactions in unit tests & web tests

8 באוגוסט 2007

I posted a new screen cast that explain the usage of transactions in the scope of load testing. Transactions specifies one or more steps that are grouped together. Steps can be defined as a URL or as a line of code. In the context of a web test, a transaction is one or more URLs and in the context of unit test it is one or more lines of code. In the context of a load test, you can execute both web tests and unit tests. In the following screen cast I explain the usage of transactions for both. You...
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Error when trying to export lots of query results to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project

5 באוגוסט 2007

Some queries return a lot of results, thousands of results actually. Apparently, it seems there’s a limit of the number of results you can export to Excel or Project directly from the query results in VS: When you run your query and select all the results from the query tab, you can export to Excel or Project (right click on the selection and choose ‘Open Selection in Microsoft Excel' or ‘Open Selection in Microsoft Project’) only a maximum of 2085 results (rows). Trying to export more than 2085 results will return the following error: “TF80071: Team Foundation encountered an error while accessing...
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TFS vs Clear Case

2 באוגוסט 2007

Last week one of our customers invited us to brain storm about TFS and ClearCase. This customer has many departments; part of them work with TFS and the others with ClearCase. They want to consolidate the tools and work with only one tool. After we asked our questions about the development process, we wrote comparison between the 2 tools. You can read it here.   TS ClearCase Comments Working with VS2005 IDE Full integration Partial With ClearCase there is not PendingChanges window. Working with another SCM tool (like VSS)  No problem Problematic We have a scenario of: Developer has 2 projects - VS2003 project that managed in VSS, and VS2005 project managed in TFS. The developer had no...
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TIS ClearCase to TFS migration – case study

1 באוגוסט 2007

Very early last year (actually January 2006) we started working with TIS people on migration from ClearCase to TFS. The process was structured from a short period of POC and then implementation within the development team. The case study was finally released on msdn. We would like to invite you to read it here
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