Rollback in Team System Source Control

19 באפריל 2007

In the current version of Team System source control there is no support for "Rollback" functionality. Users that had previous experience with other source control systems (VSS for example) often looking for this feature. The way to perform operation similar to VSS rollback in TS is: Get specific version from changeset previous to change you would like to rollback, check it out and then check it. It is not a very convenient way, but it is keeping history of the changes after doing rollback (which is usually good thing). The other way to do it is using Power Toy...
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What's new for testers in Orcas?

12 באפריל 2007

Yesterday, I talked to Ed Glas from Microsoft. For those of you who don’t know, Ed is the group manager for VSTS load testing at Microsoft. One of my first questions was about  the new features that we will see in the next Orcas release? Here is a link to his blog that summaries those issues. I think that the list of features is very exciting and I'm looking forward to using them.
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Team System SDR

11 באפריל 2007

Sarit and I just landed in Redmond to participate in Team System Software Design Review. Tomorrow morning we start a 3 days of intensive sessions with members of VSTS development teams. During these sessions we will give feedback from the field, discuss and prioritize new features. We will talk mostly about features of post-Orcas version (temporary code name Rosario). I hope results of following days work will influence the shape of the new version. It is an extremely interesting experience for us. We will do our best to pass forward requests, suggestions and complains we’ve collect from the many...
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Wrap your NUnit unit test with VS Generic test

7 באפריל 2007

This is an issue I discussed in the last ALM user group. For those of you who did not attend it, here is a summery. Not all companies started their unit testing using the visual studio test capabilities. There are several reasons for it; for starters, NUnit has been there for several years, at least five years earlier then Visual Studio unit tests. Even more, NUnit is a more complete unit testing environment because it is a mature product. However, if choosing to continue working with it, you end up losing a lot of the TFS capabilities, for example the integration...
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Creating a custom validation rule

4 באפריל 2007

There are cases where the default validation rules supplied by the tester framework are not sufficient. The good news is that you can customize a lot of areas in the framework, and one of them is the rule engine. Last week I had to record a web site. The site was far from simple one. It was AJAX based and over SSL. I had to use fiddler for the recordings and then to customize the recording results. After doing so, I had to verify that the requests being made correspond to my expectations. To do so, I had to...
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