DB Dude CTP7 Strange Decisions

9 בנובמבר 2006

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VSTE for Database Professionals (aka DB Dude) CTP7 was released about a week ago. You can download it from here. It should be last CTP before final release. There are some new features in addition to more then 200 bug fixes in this version. Read this post for complete description.

Two changes disturb me:

1. Visual Studio Team Suite required for CTP7 installation. You can use trial (180 day) version from here or retail copy. For many clients this change can prevent evaluation. I can not see how client replace retailed VSTE Developer Edition with Team Suite trial. Bad call.

2. CTP7 require MS SQL 2005 Developer or Enterprise version local installation. Sql Express can not be used any more, nether remote server. For many organisations with strong security policies it will be showstopper even before cost considerations.

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