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22 באוקטובר 2006

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There is a lot of useful free utilities for Team System you can find spread all over the web. Some of them are open source projects, others just a free utilities kindly shared for our convenience. I tried to collect in following table utilities that I know. You can find here only utilities in "active state", meaning those, that you can actually download and use, not only read description. There is no particular order in this table. You are more then welcome to vote for your favorite tool in comments, then we will be able to add some recommendations. Also I'll be glad if you let me know about cool stuff I missed. Enjoy:

Name Description Category Availability
Team Foundation Server Administration Tool The TFS Admin Tool allows a TFS administrator to quickly add users to all three platforms utilized by Team Foundation Server: Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, and SQL Reporting Services, all through one common interface. The tool also allows administrators to change the current permissions on any of the three tiers, identify any errors, and view all of the users and their permission sets across Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, and SQL Reporting Services. permissions open source
TFS PowerPack The TFS PowerPack includes a set of tools to extend the client experience when working with a TFS server.
Currently, the TFS PowerPack set includes 2 tools:

  • KillBill – Stops a Team Build currently running on a build server.
  • WorkItem Terminator – Permanently deletes a work item from the TFS database.
build, work item tracking open source
TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser Provide a version tree browser for team foundation source control that is fully integrated into the Visual Studio 2005 environment with features matching or exceeding those available from ClearCase and Eclipse. source control open source
Automaton Automaton is a Continuous Integration engine for Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Automaton will monitor your source code repository and automatically run the correct team builds that you create within Visual Studio. Build reports can be view through a web site, and your development team can get notifications on e-mail or MSN Messenger when there is problem building the source code. build open source
CruiseControl.NET plug-in for TFS A plug-in to allow communication with Team Foundation Server for the popular open source build automation tool CruiseControl.NET build open source
TFS Code Review Workflow This project is a combination of a Code Review Work Item and a Code Review Check-in Policy. The check-in policy doesn’t allow a check-in unless it has an associated Code Review work item, and that work item is set to approved. Only people in a TFS group named {Project}\Code Reviewers can set an item to approved. work item tracking open source
TFS – Code Comments Check-in Policy This Team Foundation Server policy ensures that the code contains comments for classes, methods and properties before checking in it to the source control server. check-in policies open source
TFS BHAL This project aims at being a customizable orchestrator for managing Teams with the aid of Team Foundation Server. work item tracking open source
Process Template Editor This utility offers a visual interface for modifying Team Foundation Server work item types. You can modify the various fields and workflow and see a preview of the work item type form. This is a very nice tool for anyone modifying the various Team Foundation Server work item types and processes. process templates free
TFS Sidekicks MSBuild, Team Build, History, Workspace Sidekick and Status Sidekick applications. build, source control free
Team Build RSS Feed Provides the ability to track Team Builds via an RSS feed. build open source
TFS Bug Snapper A simple tool that allows you to take screenshots and create Bugs in Team Foundation Server with the file attached. work item tracking free
TFS Custom Path CheckIn Policy The Custom Path CheckIn Policy works in concert with existing Team Foundation Server (TFS) check-in policies, providing a mechanism that allows you to specify the source control path(s) that a particular policy is allowed to act on. This will allow for example a single Team Project to have one set of Code Analysis rules for a particular folder and completely different set of rules for another folder. It would also allow for filtering what specific items the rules work on for instance enforcing a Work Item for any check-in of files ending in ".cs, .sln, .csproj" but ignore the rule for all other check-ins. check-in policies open source
TFS Event Subscriber Team Foundation Server Event Subscriber is a full UI version of BISUBSCRIBE based on a blog and code by Marcel de Vries. events open source
AreaPath Manager Simple utility which allows to manage AreaPath and retrieve node Uri to be used with TFSSecurity utility. misc free
BuildTicker Tool which sits on the system tray and notifies of builds happening on the server. build open source
Team Build Web-view Extension A web UI which you can use to see the list of builds, optionally filtered by the Build Type in you favourite borwser. build open source
TFS Integrator Continuous Integration (CI) is the process of continually scanning the source code repository for changes, and, once they have been detected automatically kicking off a build process to verify that the code compiles successfully. build free
Visual Studio Team System – Pproject Server Connector The Connector synchronizes Project, Resource and Task data between the two systems. Project Managers, Resource Managers continue to work in the EPM environment while the development team works in the development environment, i.e. VSTS, and data seamlessly flows between the two systems. misc free
VSSConverter GUI An easy to use interface to the VSSConverter command line utility that comes with Team Foundation Version Control. misc open source
Work Item Event Subscribtion Tool A tool to help creating workitem tracking subscriptions. events open source
VSTS Work Item Type Designer A DSL Tools based Designer (Modeling tool) that allows you to visualize Work Item Type definitions exported from Team System and enables easy modification and creation via a graphical modeling tool instead of the XML document approach currently relied on. work item tracking open source
TFS Permission Manager Permission Manager allows TFS administrative users to easily set and modify every aspect of TFS permissions. Using this tool you can add or remove TFS group membership, Reporting Services role membership and SharePoint role membership; set Server and Project-level permissions; set AreaPath and Source Control permissions; create new TFS users with permissions identical to those of specified existing user; save user permissions as template and use it later to create new or update existing users. permissions free
IEeee An addin to Internet Explorer to easily allow testers / developers to raise a bug against the currently loaded page. The bug report will be automatically generated to include all the information a developer needs to reproduce and resolve the problem. work item tracking open source
TFS Permission Manager TFSBuild Manager supports build type editing, start and stop a build and changing build quality. Build free
TFS Build Manager The utility manages build types outside the IDE. Build open source

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  1. eugenez22 באוקטובר 2006 ב 23:45

    There are extensive and frequently updated lists of TFS-related utilities at and

  2. Abhinaba23 באוקטובר 2006 ב 7:40

    Thanks for the collection

    Some more addition

    Jeff's Source Control RSS feed

    Two more that I wrote for Team Build


    Team Build Web-view Extension

  3. Sarit Tamir23 באוקטובר 2006 ב 8:26

    Thanks for pointing us to your tools, we've updated the utilities table