Team Foundation Power Toy – September Version

26 בספטמבר 2006

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The September version of TFPT (now, outside of the Visual Studio SDK.Can be downloaded from contains, for the first time, 2 features that are integrated into the IDE: TreeDiff and Annotate.

TreeDiff exposes a capability we were long waiting for; it allows us to compare two folders and view the result in something that resembles a tree…..
This great new addition will be even greater if the following annoying obstacles are removed:
1. You can’t sort…if sorting was available we could’ve grouped together similar files and handle them in just one operation.
2. When comparing a server path to a local path we feel that bin content can be (optionally) omitted.
3. A nice legend telling us what you mean by coloring our files in green and red will be most welcomed.
Annotate displays next to every line of code the origin of the change (changeset number and user). This feature is extremely important for tracking code changes and evolvement. But still, it will be nice to be able to compare listed version from within the annotate GUI or even launching it from a historical changeset and not just from the workspace version.

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