Finally, the user group has a live msn site

23 במאי 2009

This week I finally found the time (actually, it took me less than 5 minutes to open the group and create the site, which really makes we wonder why I've waited so long….) and opened the official Israeli MS ALM user group in the Microsoft live site. The new site will contain information about the coming sessions and presentations (and code when applicable) from previous sessions and it also a platform for all Team Foundation Users in Israeli to raise subjects of interest that you would like as to arrange sessions about. This is also the place to...
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ALM User Group in Microsoft – Load Session

The May meeting on the Israeli user group focused in the fascinating world of load testing. Shai Raiten from Sela Group has completed a ‘mini series’ of lectures in the group. His last session has established the grounds by discussing web/automated testing in team system using the visual studio team edition for tester. This month session took off from where he left the last time and progressed to discuss the usage on web testing as an input to smoke/load/stress testing. you can download the full length presentations from Shai’s blog and from the user group site: first session...
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To Audit Or Not to Audit

20 במאי 2009

From the very early days of Team Foundation Server, one of it’s most significant features was, in my humble opinion, the fact that every activity is tracked and registered creating a full audit trail on the team activities. So, when users complained that they cannot delete projects or work items, I proudly explained that this is all part of the methodology and the benefits they gain from it.   And than came TFPT (I think in the Oct 2008 edition) and added that functionality. Now, armed with admin permissions, you can delete and destroy! (this is actually...
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Use TFS to create feature and bugs backlogs

1 במאי 2009

Where do you usually store all the new features suggestions and enhancements people are throwing at you? If you are like most of us, some are buried in your mailbox, some are even less fortunate and are scribbled on a post-it or in an old notebook. The result is that valuable ideas are lost. The solution I came up with is so simple it is almost embarrassing to blog about it, but since most of the TFS implementations I see lack that option I would like to share it anyway. What I do is add a new...
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