Helpdesk Tool v3.3 By Haim Cohen 2014

August 13, 2014


Update: IT Super Menu v3.7 available here

Help Desk Tool v3.3 By Haim Cohen 2014

Helpdesk Tool By Haim Cohen 2014

Helpdesk Tool By Haim Cohen 2014

So, I found my self with large folder and many Scripts.

And now, i want to share with Helpdesk team, but in central menu.

after few hours, i  wrote a cmd script with many tools,

#This Script is free to use#

Please don’t remove author, and give me your feedback.

You can download Full Script from here


1. Port Query

2. PuTTY

3. VNC Viewer

4. SYDI-Server

5. PsExec


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  1. TalAugust 9, 2016 ב 1:57 PM

    is this supposed to work on windows 10 ? cant seem to get it up and running, cmd as admin or regular user… any tips ?

    1. skepper
      skepperMarch 14, 2017 ב 11:56 AM

      Hello Tal,

      no problem with Win10.
      you may need to start a command prompt as an administrator.

  2. Yosef ShinaJuly 9, 2017 ב 10:46 AM

    Hi Haim,

    This is realy very helpful script for Support! many thanks !!!!!
    I’m looking for a small script just to get with user name the last logon computer (Domain), and Find Computer Name User is Logged Onto

    Run Command
    C:\>Script username *
    C:\>Script * Host Name *

    Many Thanks