Improve business processes with Generica Pro

15 בנובמבר 2007

Overview Generica Pro system provides simple and intuitive way to improve business processes by tracking daily collected open issues in Generica store, within regular periodical meetings. Working with Generica Pro system will include Open Issue, Discussion Issue and Instruction Data Items (Generica forms). Data Item is an analog of TFS work item in management environment. Data Item is a generic and customizable form which can be easy and naturally integrated into the MS Word document as an unstructured text. Process Diagram Business Improvements • Control and sense all issues in time. • Meetings focusing and effectivity. • Audit and analyze business activities. • Data transparency...
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MSDN Magazine November 2007 edition now available.

14 באוקטובר 2007

I'm really recommending for each developer to subscribe for MSDN Magazine news, it is the Microsoft Journal for Developers. For years I'm enjoying from the quality information, articles and source code of the samples. MSDN Magazine Homepage, All Articles RSS Feeds Few recommendations from November 2007 edition CLR Inside Out: Managing Object Lifetime In this column, Tim Fischer have set out to help developers who are consuming .NET or COM classes to better understand lifetime management, recognize situations where you can run into resource traps, and know how to solve these issues. Each C# developer should read this article to refresh...
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Requirements Management and Engineering is a quality factor of ALM.

11 באוקטובר 2007

Overview This is a first post of series about Requirements Management and engineering practices. This post will talk about the importance of requirements management within a product development project, when the project could be for a new consumer product, a web site, a system or a software application. Also, I’ll write about the methodologies and the best practices in a different projects types and sizes allover application lifecycle management (ALM) phases.   Next posts will be written in case someone will request it, just keep your comment with the topic or suggest the new one. -         Popular Requirements Management Tools Review -         Requirements...

The best time to rewrite your products.

1 באוקטובר 2007

The most important key of any success is timing. Good manager always feels when the right time and place to initialize and run the business processes. In R&D world the timing playing critical role, because the technologies coordinal updates every few years, when the customers always seek for the best standards in performance, communications, security, integration and other characteristics in your product. It is dramatically important, for the business success, to have competitive and technological updated products.  The other important point is the development cost; new frameworks usually decrease the cost of the development, because they include new concepts, technologies...

Artificial Intelligence Systems are coming, Welcome SILVIA!

24 בספטמבר 2007

Artificial Intelligence is my favorite topic in technologies world and it have all chances and potential to be the next revolution step in IT world. Few days ago I discovered Cognitive Code company at Engadget and decided to write this post. Cognitive Code is the developer of SILVIA (Symbolically Isolated, Linguistically Variable and Intelligence Algorithms). SILVIA platform helps derive context and meaning from user inputs, via speech, text, or other methods, so you can communicate with the platform as if it were another person. Personally, I'm a little skeptical about SILVIA abilities, because from my point of view, today machine can...
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6 Simple steps to secure your Web Application

  How to pass security tests for customers like Banks? One of KCS customers is a big commercial bank. When bank valuating your product or any other one, IT Security issues taking the first priority. I think, only the customers from defense industry prioritizing the Security issues so high. This post will describe the interesting parts of the process I passed and the technological tips for anybody who preparing to come over the same process. Usually banks and other enterprise customers use outsourcing services to test product security risks. Commonly Security tests include interviews, simulation of attacks and penetration tests on follow tiers Computers...
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Micro Content Management and MS Office – Step 1

20 בספטמבר 2007

Few days ago I met a new and very interesting buzzword "Micro Content Management" by reading the article named Smart Content Objects Management (Hebrew only) from Mr. Yair Dembinsly, VP Project Manager of Byon IT Solutions. The best definition I found into the internet is the follow, Micro Content Management Systems designed to extract the maximum potential value from the content. But what means the maximum potential value, in case of MS Word document – the worldwide dominant unstructured content environment and how to get this value? Let's start with a little sample, when I receive the document from...

First Post!

Hi All, It took me a lot of time to start posting, but I decided that this is very important step, which provides win-win situation for you and me. I hope this blog will be interesting to all Hi-Tech\ Enterprise sectors. I will try to post the most interesting issues and events that took place in my professional life. Today I'm working as VP & CTO at KCS (Knowledge Control Systems) Startup Company, which exponential growing at last few years.  This blog will contain interesting technological issues, MS Office issues, commercial and marketing content with my analysis and opinion. So,...
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