Copy all GPOs from one forest to another

September 20, 2016

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The following presents a PS Script that Copy all GPOs from one forest to another,

  1. Backed up all GPOs in one domain using Backup-GPO
  2. Imported them to the other forest by using Import-GPO

Load the following Modules before run PS Script:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory           
Import-Module GroupPolicy 

$sPath = “X:\GPOFOLDER”
$list = get-childitem $sPath | Select name
foreach ($item in $list) {
    $fXML = $sPath + “\” + $item.Name + “\gpreport.xml”
    $XMLData = [XML](get-content $fXML)
    $GPOName = $XMLData.GPO.Name
    import-gpo -BackupId $item.Name -TargetName $GPOName -path $sPath -CreateIfNeeded






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