Farewell to My Speaker System – Creative GigaWorks S750

27 ביוני 2009

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At the beginning of the week I came back home and immediately smell something… It was the smell of a computer-related burn (I’m sure you’re familiar with that smell!).

I ran to my media center PC and started smelling it (picture that all you want!) but it was OK… Had the same Dolche Gabbana perfume I had put on it on the morning (kidding! really!).

Then I went on to smell the next possible victim – the subwoofer. The sub of the GigaWorks S750 acts as the amplifier of the whole system… So as well as the subwoofer itself, it has an entire system inside. This was when it hit me – The subwoofer was dead. It was also when I realized that the green LED hadn’t worked as well… so I guess I could have passed the smelling of my HTPC and realize there was something wrong with the subwoofer right away…


I’ve been in this computer industry for years and have played  around with hardware a bit so I decided to open it up… maybe I could dust it a bit and everything would go back to normal.

After screwing off various screws (and it had quite a few!) I opened the box and found out an astonishing  picture… It was like a gremlin had exploded inside the subwoofer! several pieces had this yellow melting-like spume around theme… I bet this isn’t a good thing…

See for yourself:
Click on the image to open a higher resolution version.

How my GigaWorks S750 looks from inside


The thing is that I’m not the first one to run into this problem. Google (or bing if you really insist) “gigaworks s750 problem” and you’ll get a bunch of results. Here there is a similar image of mine!

Well, my speaker system is dead, so I’m going to buy a new amplifier. You can still save the money and buy a better product.

Creative Labs, please take this problem into consideration.

Beware of subwoofer gremlins,

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7 תגובות

  1. Julian28 באוגוסט 2009 ב 21:15

    Ah, it happened to me too!
    Well I didn't actually smell or hear anything suspicious but there was no audio and the green LED went flickering when the unit was powered on.

    I'd wish the was an easy solution to this, like replacing the faulty part (IC's or other parts).

    Btw, I have seen something like that yellow stuff on a TV card also, I thought it was some kind of glue or isolator…

    But this is really the symptom of the modern technology age, consumption is the law, while repair is made hard by unnecessary complex construction.

  2. Alessandro Chiessa18 בספטמבר 2009 ב 17:29

    HI!, this is a great sound system, certainly needs some hacks to perform tops but in, let´s say, 80% of the cases it worths to fix it (DIY of course), why don´t you help me by publishing a high res of the top board AMP to compare components visually.

    Don´t forget too look at Creative Forums, the green blinking light is a common problem related to a malfuctioning MosFet or transistor, a computer fan blowing air directly to the dissipator at the back of the sub is also a good idea.

    If you have a friend that enjoys electronic and have at least intermediate knowledge give this http://www.tgahinfo.homecall.co.uk/S750 PSU and your gigaworks to he or she and I bet you will start loving mmm… both, the friend and the system LOL

  3. Stephen Bright11 ביולי 2010 ב 10:26

    I fix loads if these excellent systems from customers all over the world. The faults are mostly limited to the power supply board which can be easily removed and sent to me for service/overhaul with a 12 month warranty.!
    The picture you provided shows normal adhesive used in manufacture to stop the components shaking off the boards at high volume levels.
    Stephen highviewvideo@sky.com

  4. Johan25 במרץ 2011 ב 18:15

    I have the same Creative GigaWorks S750 system, with the same issue – blinking green light !

    If you are confident to fix it, what will the cost be

    From South Africa

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  7. Willcox16 באפריל 2012 ב 14:38

    I have had 4 sets over 4 years. Fortuntately for me each blew within the warrnty timescale. Creative Support UK were fantastic. I had a replacement sent within days. I now have 28 Speakers and 4 dead Amps/Boxes/Woofers ??? Or what ever they are called. The 4th lasted 3 years until I decide to dedicate a room to my Gaming/Media PC and the s750 Sound system. I moved it all and this was the 1st time in 3 years that I had actually turned/unplugged the 750. When I turned it on again in the new room, CRACK. That was the sound coming from the 750 before I even turned on the PC. Yes, it had died. I was mortified. I looked, and looked for a replacement but nothing came anywhere near close. So….. I have found a chap, a local chap that fixes all manor of electronic devices. I have left it in his capable hands. If he can not fix it, no one can. If he does I will be extatic. I would like to offer a fix for the other three only one day, in dispair, I took them to the local dump and sent them on their way. I might live to regret this as some of you may have wanted them. AND I would have given them away for free. Keep your fingers crossed for me. If I get a working version back, then there is hop and I will pass on the detials of the chap that solved it all. I have noticed that you can no longer purchase the 750 in the UK. Perhaps that is because we run a 240 volt system ???? It is still available in other countries that only run 120. What do I know, nothing. One thing that did strike me as poor, is that the 750 had no Earth Connection. Even my Kettle has that. So what a shame. When working it was absolutely amzing. I am so very sad that after 4 kits and the same number of years, I am finaly without one. :o(