Visual Studio Tip: Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

10 במאי 2009

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I’ve recently learned a few keyboard\mouse shortcuts in Visual Studio and I thought I would share them with you. Actually some of these tricks will work on every text box in your windows environment (or most of them at least…):

  • Clicking the middle mouse button on a tab closes it.
  • Pressing ALT while selecting text will enable you to select a square area of text:

Result of pressing ALT while selecting text.

  • Ctrl+F3 will search for the current selected text down the current file.
  • Shift+F3 will search for the current selected text up the current file.

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  1. Ohad11 במאי 2009 ב 7:39

    If prefer to use only the keyboard instead of Alt + mouse you can use Alt + Shift and select the square area using the arrows and the End or Home keys.