Code Samples from IDNDUG – August 2013

22 באוגוסט 2013

Last night I took the stage at the Israeli .NET User Group and introduced how web development is done today in a session named “How The Cool Kids Create Chats Today?”. Images (courtesy of Dror Helper and Ariel Ben Horesh): I had a blast. Thanks to all the attendees who came and listened! I promised to upload the code from the presentation and I’m a man of my word so… the solution can be downloaded from:  The code here has a bit more features than what I showed yesterday and includes...
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Local IIS Not Working and the horrifying “The Server Committed a Protocol Violation” Error

1 בספטמבר 2012

The Problem I was working on a web site on my local computer. When I wanted to run the web site on my local IIS, I suddenly received a 404 Not Found error for everything hosted on my local IIS. I tried to run iisreset (even twice, of course!) and it didn’t help. I then tried to start debugging from within Visual Studio, just to see what happens – then I received the OMFG error: “The Server Committed a Protocol Violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine”. What?!? I turned to my old friend, Google. He...
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My Interview on Herding Code is Published!

4 באוגוסט 2012

At this year’s NDC I had the honor to chat with Jon Galloway and Scott Allen, who are half of the Herding Code podcast crew. We chatted about subjects related to my NDC talks – Roslyn, C#’s dynamic capabilities, and the DLR.  Last week our chat was published as an Herding Code episode, and it is available to hear and download at Enjoy the episode and thanks Herding Code for having me! All the best, Shay.
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Video, Slides and Code from my Session at aspConf 2012 – ASP.NET MVC Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems

27 ביולי 2012

Last week I had the honor of taking part in the community-driven, ASP.NET-related, virtual event – aspConf 2012. My session was named ASP.NET MVC Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems and it was generally about things I found to be important from my ASP.NET MVC experience – some were more basic and some were more hidden, too hidden some would say :) I had lots of fun doing the session, and hopefully the attendees has fun too :) A big big thanks to the aspConf crew – Javier Lozano, Jon Galloway, Eric Hexter, and friends – you...
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Sample Code from my “What?!? C# Could Do That?!?” Session

25 באפריל 2012

In the last few months I had the honor of presenting my session “What?!? C# Could Do That?!?” at different conferences and user groups around the world. The session is mainly about different things you can do with C#’s dynamic capabilities, IronRuby and also a bit about the upcoming Roslyn “Compiler as a Service” project. I’ve received several requests to upload my sample code. Therefore, I’ve just made it available on my github page - If you have any questions about the code, don’t hesitate to contact me through twitter or the contact...
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MVP for the 3rd Time!

21 באפריל 2012

A few weeks ago I’ve received an email from Microsoft telling me my MVP had been renewed for another year – 3rd time for me! I would like to thank my colleagues at CodeValue, you guys ROCK! Also big thanks to Guy Burstein for everything. If you ever get to meet him, give him a big hug – he’s doing a lot for the developer community around here. Last but definitely not least, thank you – readers, attendees, twitter/g+ followers, beer buddies. This all worth nothing without you. Thanks! ...
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Mass Assignment Vulnerability in ASP.NET MVC

7 במרץ 2012

A couple of days ago the Ruby on Rails world got shocked by an old bug (or feature?) that could cause massive security issues sometimes. You can read about it here. While reading about this vulnerability, I figured out that ASP.NET MVC worked in a very similar way… would it reproduce in an ASP.NET MVC environment? well, of course! The Problematic Feature ASP.NET MVC has this very convenient way of getting parameters from the request named Model Binding. The very simple example of Model Binding is controller actions with parameters. For instance: public ActionResult Create(string...
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C# One Liners

2 במרץ 2012

I love programming languages. I think they are beautiful. One of the best things about learning different programming languages is finding the different approaches and techniques of each language. This also allows you to incorporate them into other programming languages. One of my favorite languages is Ruby, and Rubyists have this habit of writing meaningful code in one line, AKA “one liner”. C#-ers don’t do one-liners very much, probably because they couldn’t write cool one-liners till not so long ago. BUT! this has all changed with the arrival of LINQ. The first time you see it you go...
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אנו מתכבדים בזאת להכריז על הפורום הענני העברי הראשון!

20 בפברואר 2012

שלום לכולם! בשנתיים האחרונות יצא לי לעבוד, לייעץ, לכתוב על ולשחק די הרבה עם הענן המייקרוסופטי, הידוע בכינויו Windows Azure. אין לי ספק, אפילו הקטן שבקטנים, שהענן הוא העתיד מבחינת צד-שרת ואם אתם לא שם עכשיו, אתם כנראה תהיו שם בעתיד הקרוב. חוץ מהקשת בענן, שקי הזהב וחדי הקרן שמחכים לכם בענן, הסביבה החדשה הזאת מביאה גם כל מיני אתגרים טכנולוגיים וארכיטקטונים שעד עתה לא ממש רצינו לחשוב עליהם כמו היכולת של הקוד שלנו לרוץ על מספר מחשבים במקביל, תמיכה במיליוני משתמשים, חסכון בגודל הנתונים המועברים...
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Slides and Code Samples from my Talk at LIDNUG – What?!? C# Could Do That???

19 בנובמבר 2011

On Thursday I had the honor to do a virtual talk at LIDNUG – the LinkedIn .NET User Group. A stage where lots of .NET celebs like Scott Gu, Jeffery Richter, Jeff Prosise and others have talked in the past. I’d like to thank all the attendees and the LIDNUG crew who made this possible – Inbar, Peter and Brian – you guys rock! About the talk – I focused on the dynamic capabilities of C#. Started with some black magic done using the dynamic keyword, then moved on to practice witchcraft with the combination of IronRuby...
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