Windows Phone 7 – Build Puzzle Game

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tweet Over my last posts I talked about Windows Phone 7, we saw some real examples for Location Service, Maps, Ads, Accelerometer and more. Location Service and Bing Maps Raise My Dog–Russian Connect Window Phone 7 and Windows 8 app to Microsoft pubCenter Accelerometer Sensor for Windows Phone 7 Because I saw how many of you download my demo projects I understand the need for more demos around Windows Phone 7. So Today, we’ll build a Puzzle Game for Windows...

Windows Phone 7–Raise My Dog–Russian

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tweet This is a game I wrote couple of months ago and now Sela helped me to translate and publish to the Russian market. This is all part of Sela Group massive work on Windows Phone 7 for enterprise application and games. Raise My Dog is an interactive game for WP7 that allows you to raise a dog inside you mobile device.   Marketplace
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Windows Phone 7 – Location Service and Bing Maps

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tweet Over the last two posts I’ve talked about Microsoft pubCenter ads into your Windows Phone 7 application and Accelerometer Sensor for Windows Phone 7 all as part of a very long series I’m planning to write on Windows Phone 7 in order to help you write cool and useful applications for Windows Phone 7. In this Post I’ll talked about Location Service and Bing Maps. Location Service – I’ll show how to receives data from the Microsoft Location Service and displays the geographic coordinates of the device, and then show your position on the Bing Maps. Bind Maps - demonstrates how to...

Accelerometer Sensor for Windows Phone 7

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tweet In my previous post on Windows Phone 7 I’ve showed how to integrate Microsoft pubCenter ads into your Windows Phone 7 application, the second part is writing an application for Windows Phone 7. Thinking about a good application isn’t simple but I can help you with some cool features available in Windows Phone 7 that can help your application to be much more cooler! There are APIs available to obtain raw sensor data from the device’s Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Motion API, but in this post I’ll talk about Accelerometer Sensor. Download Demo Project I’ll talk about everything but in this post...

How To Connect Window Phone 7 and Windows 8 app to Microsoft pubCenter

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tweet When writing a Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8 application you might want to put some Ads, some applications cost money when others has ads. Microsoft pucCenter isn’t the only solution for Windows 7 and Windows 8 but it’s something easy and simple to do when working with Visual Studio to developer applications. Microsoft Advertising pubCenter empowers Web site publishers and Windows Phone 7 application developers to place ads within web pages and Windows Phone 7 apps. When users click on these ads, the publisher earns money from the advertiser, via Microsoft. Download Demo Project Step 1: Create pubCenter account and register a...

I’m a CodeProject MVP 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tweet Last night I’ve received a message from Code Project letting me know that I received the CodeProject MVP award for my work at Code Project. CodeProject is enormous community of technology writers with tones of technical articles, and I’m prod to received this award for my work at CodeProject. Those who have spent their time answering questions in the forums and writing great articles. MVP status is awarded annually based on ones contributions, and the feedback of the other members. Members of this group get an MVP icon next to their names in the forums and in their profile. I’ll like...

How To: Detect Mobile Device Users In Your Web Site – JavaScript

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tweet Today everything is about Mobile Devices, users are using their tablets and phones to view web sites. Some web sites has a mobile application or just what to inform the user about a related mobile application. So the question is how to inform the user about a mobile application related to a specific site? You can put some links in your site and maybe the user will click on those links and will be redirect to your mobile application, but I want more – I want my site to detect if the user comes from a mobile...

WP7 Restoration Error – C101002E

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweet I’ve HTC HD7 with WP7, I have to say that I was very pleased until now, yesterday my phone report that a new update is available (I;m not using Mango or anything else the brand version) for my device so I plug my device to my computer to start the upgrade. During the upgrade my computer restart him self (blue screen…) and the result was the my phone was bricked and without ROM. This is what my phone shows: And this is what Zune said after connecting my device to the computer. After a quick search I found a KB ( taking...

Create Your Own WP7 Deployment Application

Saturday, July 23, 2011

CodeProject Couple of days ago Microsoft opened AppHub for Israel as well, I’ve started to write more game and applications for WP7 (WP7 Submit Application - The attribute is missing on the entry assembly). While working on several applications I noticed that I want to see the application properties before deploying them inside my WP7 device, when working in Visual Studio 2010 It’s easy because you can deploy your project from Visual Studio himself but I’m also working with many XAP file out side of Visual Studio and the default application deployment didn’t give me...

איך מוסיפים מקלדת עיברית מובנת למכשירי WP7

CodeProjectיש לי מכשיר HTC HD 7 כבר חצי שנה, מהרגע שפתחתי אותו לפיתוח התקנתי תוסף למקלדת עיברית מובנת. ראיתי מספר אנשים עובדים עם תוכנה שהורידו אשר מאפשרת להם לכתוב בעיברית בתוכנה ולהעתיק את הטקסט לאפליקצייה הנחוצה, זה תהליך ממש לא נוח כל פעם לפתוח את התוכנה לכתוב את מה שאתם רוצים ולהעתיק את הטקסט, לסגור את התוכנה לפתוח את האפליקצייה המיועדת ולהדביק את הטקסט. אתמול קיבלתי הודעה מחבר לעבודה אשר ראה על המכשיר שלי מקלדת עיברית מובנת שמאפשרת לי לכתוב עיברית בכל אפליקציה. המאמר המקורי הגיע מ – XDADevelopers, אני ממליץ להיכנס ולהתעדכן על...