Kinect Reception – Tech Stuff

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tweet In my previous post Kinect Reception–Introduction I’ve talked about Kinect Reception and What it is, in this post I’m going to talk more about How the Reception Application works. Using Kinect events I can see when user enters the frame, using two timers I can check if the user is just passing  by or is standing in front of the camera. The below image describe the application flow, at the beginning the application will show random videos, when the Kinect Skeleton Event will raise then the Serious Timer will begin ticking, each tick based on the FPS rate will be aggregate...

Kinect Reception–Introduction

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tweet Since Microsoft has released the Kinect.NET SDK I wrote many articles on that subject: Kinect – Getting Started – Become The Incredible Hulk Kinect – Calculator – Adjust Skeleton Movements To Mouse More on Kinect I think Kinect it very cool and I’m searching for more projects and good ideas for Kinect, couple of days ago I talked with my friend Guy Burstein...
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תמיכה בעיברית וכיון כתיבה ב–Microsoft Test Manager

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweet לקוחות שעובדים עם Microsoft Test Manager לניהול בדיקות בעיברית נתקלים בבעיה נפוצה בתמיכה בישיר הטקסט מימין לשמאל. אפשר להחליף את כיוון הטקסט לימין אבל הוא ישר יקפוץ לשמאל כאשר נעבור לצעד הבא, וזה לא באמת פתרון… שעובדים עם עיברית ואנגלית ביחד קשה מאוד לערוך ולהריץ את התסריטים שלנו בצורה נוחה. אל דאגה יש פתרון גם לזה, אם נשנה את הערך של FlowDirection ב – Registry ל – 1 הכיוון של הטקסט ב – Microsoft Test Manager יתהפך ונוכל לקרוא את הבדיקות שלנו בצורה נורמלית. יש לסגור ולפתוח מחדש את Microsoft Test Manager לאחר שינוי הערך. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\EnterpriseTools\QualityTools\MTM\FlowDirection על מנת לסייע לתהליך כתבית כלי קטן...

Kinect – Calculator – Adjust Skeleton Movements To Mouse

Sunday, July 3, 2011

CodeProjectIn my previous post Kinect – Create Buttons I’ve showed one approach how to create Kinect Buttons for Windows, over the next posts I’ll show more ways to accomplish that by moving windows Cursor based on Kinect Skeleton Right Hand Position. Why To Create Kinect Button? Why not using windows cursor and create brilliant hand or head () movement to simulate Click, so we don’t need to create designated Kinect Buttons. Answers: You had to stand at least 1 meter from the computer screen and even so I’m young I can’t see very well from that distance… Kinect precision is still not perfect...

MSDN Webcast – Migrate Quality Center to Team Foundation Server 2010 Using Scrat (Level 300)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MSDN Webcast - Migrate Quality Center to Team Foundation Server 2010 Using Scrat (Level 300) What is Scrat? - Scrat converts and migrates all of your HP Quality Center™ projects and items over to Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010™. The migration is quick, easy and a safe process that completes in just a few hours. Contrary to the manual migration traditionally employed by organizations, Scrat fully automates the process. Scrat puts the control in your hands, Through an easy to manage wizard, the entire process is fully customizable. You decide how, to...

Team System 2010 – Create a Test Plan [HE] – Screencast

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Team System 2010 – Create a Test Plan – Screencast In my previous posts I talked about Microsoft Test & Lab Manager – Test Plan and Microsoft Test & Lab Manager – Interface, in this post you can watch a screencast about Microsoft Test & Lab Manager on How To Create a Test Plan, Create A Test Plan Manage Test Settings (Automated\Manual) Data and Diagnostic ...

Team System 2010 – TFS & VSTS 2010 Installation Guide [HE] – Screencast

Monday, August 3, 2009

Team System 2010 – TFS & VSTS 2010 Installation Guide – Screencast This is the first screencast of many about VSTS 2010, this screencast will show you how to install TFS 2010 and VSTS 2010 on 32bit or 64 bit operation system, include SQL 2008 installation guide Server 2008 roles and features required for VSTS 2010 installation. Download ScreenCast Enjoy