TFS 2012 Upgrade Process Template–Guide

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Many customers are upgrading from TFS 2010 or earlier versions to TFS 2012 and in near future will upgrade to TFS 2013. As Microsoft making the upgrade process of TFS a very smooth process there are still things we need to upgrade in our Team Project process template things that will not happened in the TFS Upgrade Process. So which things? the Team Project Process Template – Work Items, Queries, Reports, Categories and more. There are couple of scenarios you interesting in: Upgrade the same Process Template to the latest version. ...

איך להגדיר ימי חופש של סבב פיתוח – יום שישי במקום ראשון

Sunday, March 3, 2013

אחד השינויים ב – TFS 11 מאפשר לנו להגדיר קבוצות פיתוח והגדרה של סבבי פיתוח עם תאריך התחלה וסיום (Sprint, Iteration וכו). כאשר מתחילים לתכנן סבב פיתוח נראה חישוב של סה”כ ימי העבודה בסבב הנוכחי, אך סה”כ הימים לא יסתדר לכם כי הוא מחשב שיום ראשון אינו יום עבודה. זאת שאלה שאני מקבל מהרבה לקוחות – איך אני משנה את תצוגת ה – Backlog שתתאים לימי המנוחה בארץ (שישי ושבת ולא שבת וראשון). לדוגמא – אם הגדרנו סבב פיתוח מה – 3 לפברואר עד ה – 14 לפברואר – מדובר על 12 ימים סה”כ ו-10 ימי פיתוח אבל אנחנו נראה סה”כ 9 ימי...

TFS API Part 47 (VS11) – Manage Iterations Dates

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tweet Over the last posts I talked about “TFS API Part 46 (VS11) – Team Settings”, in this post I’ll show how to get and change Iteration Dates from TFS API. We’ll show all Teams under a specific Team Project and once you click on a Team you will see its Iterations and Dates. Download Demo Project Step 1: Create Project and Add Reference Create an WPF application and add the following references: First add reference for: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Client ( Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common.dll  ( ...

TFS API Part 46 (VS11) – Team Settings

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tweet In the previous posts “TFS API Part 45 (VS11) – Modify Teams and Team Members” I talked about Teams, from getting all team to modify and creating new Team using TFS API. Now, Teams are more than just a “Security Group”, they hold specific settings such as relevant Areas/Iteration for that Team. The “Team” can be assigned to Backlog Iteration (Set as Team’s backlog Iteration), this takes all paths under that iteration and add them to the team backlog. You can also change the Iteration backlog to another path (not just the root), you just need at...

TFS API Part 45 (VS11) – Modify Teams and Team Members

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tweet In my previous post “Teams and Team Members”  I talked about new Service in TFS API called – TfsTeamService. Using this service we can control Teams and Team Members under TFS. We can create and remove Teams and Team Members using TFS API. I know this can be quite confusing but Teams in TFS are simply Group (Security Group), same as Contributors, Administrators etc. If you open Security tab under TFS Web Management you can see that there is two separate lists of Groups – Teams and TFS Groups, I’ll show how to separate between Teams and...

TFS API Part 44 (VS11) – Teams and Team Members

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tweet TFS 11 comes with many great changes for software development, the first and super important is Teams, until TFS 11 Task work item or any other work item has to be assign to individual, means that you can’t assign a Task to a Scrum Team etc… So many people has built customize solution to handle this but no need! because TFS 11 comes with this great Feature! In TFS Web Management site you can add as many teams as you want under One Team Project. If your team works with Scrum then you should have...

TFS API Part 43–Delete Work Item Tool

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tweet In previous post - TFS API Part 21: Delete Work Item using WorkItemStore (Demo Application) I showed how to delete Work Items from TFS using TFS API. My problem was that it not easy to delete work items one by one so I decided to build a tool based on TFS Queries to allow me easily select the work items I want to delete. You can download executable from Here You can download Source Code from Here *** Deleting Work Item Action Is Not Recoverable *** Enjoy

TFS 11 Express

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tweet Yes, this sounds strange but it’s true – Brian Harry wrote couple of days ago on TFS Express. TFS 11 comes with many great improvements for Developers, Testers, Product Managers and The “Team”, and one more thing called – TFS Express, that includes the core developer features: Source Code Control Work Item Tracking Build Automation Agile Taskboard and more…. And it’s FREE!!! (Up to 5 users) Read the full article

The Future of Testing: Quality Center vs. Team Foundation Server

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tweet Quality Center vs. TFS is a question I hear a lot, each customer that works with Quality Center has faced this question when the development team has decided to work with TFS or the Testers want features to help them improve their testing quality. Instead of talking about that subject only with my customers I decided to write something on that subject to help you understand the power of TFS for Testers, and how this platform will improve your Testing abilities with more advance features and align the Testers as part of the development Team. ...

אז מה חדש ב–TFS 11

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tweet מהרגע שחזרתי מכנס Build לקוחות שואלים אותי מה מחכה להם בגרסא החדשה של Visual Studio 11 ו – TFS 11? קצת היסטוריה – בעבר חברות רכשו מספר רב של כלים עבור כל תפקיד ייעודי בחברה, לאנשי פיתוח – Visual Studio, לאנשי בדיקות Quality Center ועוד כלים לאוטומציה, מנהלים עבדו עם Excel או MS Project ועוד ועוד כלים, הבעיה שלא היתה אינטגרציה ושיתופיות מלאה בין הכלים, מה שגרם לקשיים לא קטנים בתקשורת ובמעקב אחרי התהליך. ב – 2005 מיקרוסופט הוציאה לאוויר העולם את Team...