R&D Managers Forum – Hybrid Mobile Development Lecture

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thanks for everyone who attended my lecture on Hybrid mobile development, below you can find the presentation and the Cross-Platform benchmark I’ve used in my lecture. For those who missed it, here’s the lecture abstract: More and more companies are building their applications to support smart phones and tablets, as a result of tremendous growth on those markets. The big questions is how you can build your application to support multiple devices and operation systems? Building the same application for different platforms is not just time consuming but also require a lot of maintenance and different skill set for each platform  -...
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SignalR Isn’t Working on Samsung Galaxy 3

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I know you think the title is wired, because what is the relation between SignalR (WebSockets) and a specific device such as Samsung Galaxy 3? ASP.NET SignalR is a new library for ASP.NET developers that makes it incredibly simple to add real-time web functionality to your applications. What is "real-time web" functionality? It's the ability to have your server-side code push content to the connected clients as it happens, in real-time. While working on a project working with SignalR we faced a problem, the following code start the connection with the hub but...