Email Confirmation – ASP.NET MVC Web Application

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tweet In my previous post on ASP MVC I showed How To Add Captcha to ASP MVC Web Application, but even if you use captcha you still want to make sure the user email is real and not just a fake one. In order to make sure the user has gave you his real email you need to use Email Confirmation mechanism to your site. ASP MVC is doing some of the work for us, when a user is register to your site is assign with a unique ID (Guid) property called -  ProviderUserKey I’ll use this...

Visual Studio 2010 Enhancements For Asp.Net

Friday, April 17, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Enhancements For Asp.Net Mike Ormond's publish a great post on VS2010 and the new features in the Asp.Net area. The post contains great information about Multi-Targeting, Web Designer Snippets, Javascript Intellisense Enhancements and Deployment in Asp.Net. I recommend you to read it. Here is a link to the full post -