Automation Runner – Running Tests Without Visual Studio


I’m often asked to provide a solution for testers who wants to run automation but don’t want to work with Visual Studio (Or don’t have a license).

You can run automation using MSTest or using VSTEST.Console command line tools, working with command line isn’t simple and friendly for testers:

  1.     1. Test Methods – How do I know which tests available in each Test Assembly?
  2.     2. Running list of tests – I what to control which tests to run and manage my own test plans.
  3.     3. Reporting – I want to get real time status on my tests.
  4.     4. Alerts  -I want to get notifications on tests failures before the entire play list ends.
  5.     5. Stop Test Run – be able to stop test run without fighting with ms automation engine.
  6. For those reasons I’ve created the Automation Runner, a tool that uses VSTest.Console command line tool,  Automation Runner will show all tests available in a Test Assembly allowing the tester to navigate and choose the desire tests you want to run.
    You can create Play Lists with specific tests methods, and you’ll get a real time reports on the automation status (Which you can save as HTML file)

Automation Runner only Requires Test Controller to be installed on the running machine – No MTM or Visual Studio Required.
(Download – Microsoft Agents For VS 2013)

Hidden Features
   – Double Click on the Stop button will kill VSTest process.
   – Single click will wait for the current test to finished and then will stop the test run.

Missing a Feature? Contact me and let’s make it happen.

Download Automation Runner Tool

[Running Tests – 2 of 3 tests]


If you have more than one Visual Studio version installed you can define the VSTest.console version to use from the settings menu.
You can add an SMTP server details to received alerts during the test run.



[Test Run Completed]


Download Automation Runner Tool


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  1. thuttunen23/04/2015 ב 11:37

    First of all I have to say, that excellent tool you have created. I was planning on doing similar myself.

    But in this scenario how do the testers get the dll with the tests? I guess one still needs Visual Studio or TFS to build the solution / project with the automated tests since dlls rarely will be commited to SCM. One option is for the testers to download the dlls from the build environment, but this is not optimal.

    1. Shai Raiten
      Shai Raiten23/04/2015 ב 12:10

      Hi Tomi,
      Basically the testers can refer to DLL located on share drive, the automation team publish the new DLL to that share and the testers will use it or switch to another DLL version.